Stitching Saturday 3.27.21

Happy Saturday! Today I want to share what projects I’m adding to my wheel* for April. I like to add one knitting project, one cross stitch and one diamond painting every month. But because they are on a wheel that randomly decides it doesn’t always mean that it comes up. My diamond painting project I added for March still hasn’t come up although there are a few more days in the month so it might happen. Next Saturday I will be sharing all my progress I made in March with before and after pictures.

*I use the Tiny Decisions app if you are looking for something similar. I love every project that I’m working on so it is impossible for me to choose which one I work on each day.

Knitting project

Photo by Nicole McConville (

This sweater is called Pritchard and it is a free pattern on Ravelry. I just learned how to do magic loop in knitting and while I don’t know if this pattern calls for that on the sleeves I do feel confident now that I can make this sweater. I’m really looking forward to knitting my first sweater and if it comes out well then I can use this same pattern to make some sweaters for my kids if they want one.

Cross Stitch

I want to start working on these seed patterns from Stitching with the Housewives. I love all of their designs but I recently saw Made By Michelle McGraw finish these into seed packets and I really want to do that. This is an ongoing series from them so there will be more (I don’t know how many) that they release and I plan on stitching them all up.

Diamond Painitng

I bought this on Etsy from OurCraftAddictions because I had previously favorited it and it went on sale (it still is!). I think this picture is just gorgeous and I know exactly where I want to hang it in my house when I finish it.


Stitching Saturday 3.13.21

For today’s stitching update I thought I would share a cross stitching haul with you. I mainly order from 123 Stitch, Fat Quarter Shop and Etsy. I wasn’t sure how to get good pictures of the floss so I just paired some floss with each chart whether it went with it or not. As I share my progress each month I will try to remember to share the floss I’m using for each project.

“Bless Our Home” by Country Cottage Needleworks

“Liberty’s Welcome” by Plum Street Samplers

Miss Bingley’s Library” by Plum Street Samplers

“Winter Rose Manor” by Brenda Gervais

Hallow’s Eve Haunt” by Autumn Lane Stitchery

“Sweater Weather” by Plum Street Sampler

“Let’s Talk Autumn” by Hands On Design


From Top Left to Bottom:

Black 16 Count Aida 13.8″ x 16.9″ Cross Stitch Cloth

28 Cashel Linen

Blackboard 10 Count Evenweave 17″ x 17″ Vintage Cross Stitch Cloth | Lori Holt for Zweigart¬†

36 Count Edinburgh Linen in Latte

“Bunny Bakery” by Stitching With the Housewives

Fairy Tale Cross Stitch “Anne of Green Gables” by PlatoSquirrel

Clue Board Game Vintage Board Game by PlatoSquirrel

Clue Board Game by PlatoSquirrel

Clue Board Game by PlatoSquirrel

Halloween Cross stitch by PlatoSquirrel

Clue Characters by TurtleStitchShop

Up on the Housetop by Stitching With the Housewives


Stitching Saturday 2.27.21

Since it is the end of the month I thought I would show all the projects that I worked on this month including progress photos and how many days I worked on it. I mentioned in a post this week that I took a two week break from my blog because of my health and that impacted my knitting and cross stitching as well. There were a couple of days where I didn’t work on anything which is a good indicator of how terrible I have been feeling. I still feel like I made a lot of great progress though and I’m hopeful that next month I will have a better month.

Purl Soho Blanket

I only worked on this blanket for one day but I am obsessed with it. It is so fun to work on and I love seeing it grow so quickly. You only cast on 5 stitches so I was able to make a lot of progress in one day. This is an easy garter stitch blanket with increases and decreases but what makes it special is that it is knit using different textured yarn. I ordered all the yarn from Knit Picks and I can’t wait to use up all these delicious yarns.

Uptown Cardigan

I finished the back of this cardigan and so I started on one of the front panels. I worked on this cardigan for three days this week but I feel like this is one that I could have made more progress on. I still think this cardigan is going to be way too big on me but at least I like working on it. And if it really does come out too big then I can still wear it around my house when it is chilly so it’s not a huge loss.


This month’s progress is on the left and January’s is on the right. I worked on it for two days and I got a couple of rows of color in. I only have one more row of color to do after the pink I’m working on right now and I am done with this section of the shawl. I still have three more sections to do so this shawl is going to be huge! I enjoy working on it and I feel like I could have done more so hopefully next month I am able to finish this section. It would be amazing to be able to finish section 4 next month but I think that is being way to overly ambitious.

Pumpkin Farm diamond painting

I love that you can see how much progress I made on this during February especially considering that I only worked on this for two days. I obviously got really into working on it though and I feel like with one more day I can finish it. When fall rolls around I will frame this and hang it up somewhere in my house.

Dimensions Cat

I really love that putting these pictures next to each other it is easy to see the progress I have made. It is motivating for me and it would be awesome if I could finish it next month. Especially since I plan on starting so many things in May. I worked on this 3 days but it should have been 4.

Christmas diamond painting

I only worked on this one day this month but I made a good start.

Nora’s Hat

I am working on this one today and I am close to decreasing for the top of the hat. Then I will stitch it altogether and put the pom pom on. I don’t think I will ever knit a hat flat like this again but I think it is coming out cute. I have decided though to give this to my niece for Christmas which gives me a lot of time to make a hat for my nephew and other gifts for my family.

Spooky Cottage

This was my new cross stitch start for February and I worked on it for 3 days. It should have been 4 which is kind of disappointing since I could have finished the house and a few more details with an extra day. However I’m really happy with my progress since I have never stitched on linen before. I spent a lot the first day just playing around and figuring it out. I worked on it yesterday and I finished the border, the S and P, the grass and the bottom half of the house. I’m proud that I have mostly figured it out and now I can work on trying to make my stitches look better. I’m sure when I try to stitch on a higher count (this is 28 ct) that I will have a learning curve again.

Pajama Cardigan

This is another cardigan where I finished the back and I’m working on a front panel. This one is my morning knit so I was also able to start and finish the first front panel this month. I didn’t take a picture of it though because it very badly needs to be blocked but I’m not going to do that until I’m done knitting all the pieces. My goal for next month is to finish this panel, the pockets and one sleeve. My ambitious goal is to finish all the pieces so I can stitch it altogether.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month but I’m not sure what I will be working on. I should work on my socks that I started in January since they are the only project that I haven’t touched this month. I leave it up to my wheel app though so we will see what it lands on tomorrow. Also, I was planning on sharing my new starts that I’m adding to the wheel in March but I haven’t decided what I want my cross stitch start to be. I also have a haul to share next week with all the cross stitch patterns I have purchased recently which is probably why I’m having a hard time narrowing it down.


Stitching Saturday 2.6.21

I don’t have much to show off today so I thought I would start sharing what I am planning for Stitch Maynia. Stitch Maynia is a fun cross stitch event that takes place during the whole month of May (hence the name) and from what I understand each person can come up with their own parameters for participating. I have decided that I will be doing a new start every single day which seems very over the top but I’m drowning in things that I want to stitch so this will be a great way to start to make a dent in my wishlist. Some will be bigger and others will be smaller projects and I have no expectation of actually finishing them this year but nothing can ever be finished if its not started… at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

I did make a lot of knitting progress this week and I finished the back panels of both cardigans I am working on. So now I’m onto the front panels but I have barely started on them so it wasn’t worth picturing. I also got a couple of colors added into my Slipstravaganza shawl but I think I want to save showing a picture of that one because I am so close to the next (and last) section of the shawl. I also worked on my cross stitch cat for one day and I got one of the ears completely done and I love seeing her face starting to develop.

Stitch Maynia


Modern Folk Embroidery. I will probably do the version that is all in red.


Cross Stitching Lovers on Etsy


Balmy Spring Day by Heaven and Earth Designs. I’m a little nervous to start my first HAED because these patterns are full coverage humongous pieces but it will be so beautiful to have this hanging in my house. In about a decade!


Tiny Modernist on Etsy. I might play around with the colors of this one.


Winter Rose Manor by Thy Needle and Thread.