Stitching Saturday 7.3.21 (Mid Year Knitting Update)

I definitely failed on these posts last month so I have a lot to share. I thought I would do things a little different this month though since we are officially in the second half of the year. I want to break down all my different crafts (knitting, cross stitching, and diamond painting) and share updates on where they were when I first started them and where they are now. At the end of the month I will be sharing my finish parade because I have actually finished quite a few things so far this year.

Pritchard Sweater by Christina Danaee

I restarted this sweater last month because I wasn’t liking my yarn choice and I knew that if I spent the time making this sweater I wouldn’t wear it. So I went on Knit Picks and bought six skeins of Wool of the Andes bulky weight yarn in the color Gosling. I’m using the called for needles which are size 8 circulars. I think it looks way better in the new yarn and I’m excited to work more on it. Although, now that I’m writing this I’m realizing that I didn’t make a gauge swatch so I hope that it fits me by the end!

Midwinter Sock Set by Summer Lee

I am sharing this picture of version 1 of these socks from when I last worked on them in April because I have decided to start over on these socks using 9in circulars. I was watching an old Fiber Tales video on Youtube and she mentioned that it’s easier to knit color work socks on them the short circulars so I thought I would give it a try. I am going to keep this sock on the DPN’s though so I can practice putting in an afterthought heel on them before I try it on my *hopefully* nice sock. I was using a six ball set of yarn from Hobby Lobby but I am considering buying a bunch of Filcolana Arwetta Classic yarn to make these socks and the other versions as well so we will see what I feel like doing when I start these up again.

The Oslo Hat by PetiteKnit

I am making this hat for my husband but unfortunately the only work that I have done on it since April is to rip back. I was knitting the wrong way after making the turn and I didn’t catch it until I was a few inches in. If I remember correctly I only have to rip back another row or two but I have put this away in the naughty corner for awhile and I didn’t look at it too closely when I took it out to take a picture of it. I am knitting this with the called for needles with Knit Picks Palette Yarn in the Asphalt Heather color. This is a fingering weight yarn and I am holding it double.

Fjer Cardigan by Fiber Tales

All I have done with this project is a swatch. I am having a hard time making gauge because I really wan to use the yarn that my Mom got me for my birthday which is this beautiful Holst Garn Coast in the color Lead. The pattern calls for fingering weight and this is more of a light fingering so I need to go down with my needle size. Hopefully my next swatch will be correct and I can finally cast on this beautiful cardigan.

Rectangular Color Bias Blanket by Purl Soho

This blanket is my current morning stitch and you can see that I have made a lot of great progress on it. The first section is supposed to be 23″ in length but I only had enough yarn to get it to 21″ so I plan on adding an extra 2″ to the grey color to make up the difference. I really love this blanket because it is a relaxing and mindless knit with only some detail at the edges which really makes the yarn shine. This pattern uses a variety of colors and weights of yarn which I am loving. The first section was knit with Andean Treasure sport weight in the color Midnight Heather held double with Palette Twist fingering weight in the color Marble. The second section is knit with Brava worsted weight in the color Cobblestone Heather. This is a free pattern and one that I think I will remake multiple times in my life. My niece has already requested I make her a blanket like this since this one is for my youngest son.



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