Stitching Saturday 7.24.21 Cross Stitch Mid Year Wip Parade

I’m back today to share all of my cross stitch wips (works in progress). Some of these I haven’t worked on since you last saw them but I thought I would still share them so this is a comprehensive list. I have 25 current wips and two planned start that I haven’t gotten around to yet so there will soon be 27. Unfortunately, the area where I live has been hit hard by fires in the surrounding areas and the smoke isn’t great for anyone and it has caused me to have a few rough days but I still really wanted to get this out today since I haven’t posted a stitching post in awhile. For that reason I won’t have any details listed but if you have any questions about a chart or fabric then let me know.

Unfinished Object

Before we get into Wip’s I want to share my one Ufo (unfinished object). I have decided that I don’t wan to work on my stamped cross stitch anymore because I don’t really enjoy working on it.


I ran out of yarn for the section of the blanket that I am knitting as my morning stitch so I have been using this as my morning stitch until the yarn comes in. I am hoping to have this done by the time it does but if not then I will be a lot closer to a finish then I was.

I finished the Christmas ornament that I was working on so I recently started a new one. I am using a pattern from the August 2016 Just Cross Stitch magazine.

This is the Fourth of July cup from Stitching with the Housewives on Etsy. I haven’t worked on this at all since starting it in May.

This is another Stitching with the Housewives pattern.

This is yet again another Stitching with the Housewives chart.

This is another one that I haven’t touched since I started it.

This is the 12 days of Christmas freebie from Plum Street Sampler. It is comprised of 12 different blocks and I think I will finish each block as a separate ornament or pillow.

This is a freebie from Little Stitch Girl. The fabric is more of a bright blue than the picture is showing.

Can you tell yet that Stitching with the Housewives are my favorite cross stitch designers?

I feel like you know by now but this is a Stitching with the Housewives pattern.

I have worked on this one day this month and I have worked my way down to starting the cup. And for the sake of being receptive this is a Stitching with the Housewives pattern.

We all know who this is by so I won’t say it. I will say that this is stitched on Lori Holt’s black 10 count and in the future I won’t be buying it because the holes are so big and the pattern is going to come out so large. I have a few more projects started on this before I knew a lot about fabric so I will use it all up since I bought it. I have learned that I prefer 28ct fabric or linen and 16-18ct Aida.

I only worked this once when I started it for Stitch Maynia.

This is one that I want to get back to soon since I plan on framing it for the gallery wall in my bedroom.

This pattern also comes with two smaller patterns that I will also be stitching when I finish this big one.

It is hard to see the white stitching in this picture but it is definitely easier in real life.

I’m stitching this using the Silk app which is an amazing app that I highly recommend. You can buy pattens from select designers and mark off your progress. This is a Modern Folk Embroidery design that I have worked on twice and am 0.7% complete.

I’ve worked on this pattern twice and I am obsessed with it. I love owls and I can’t wait to stitch this one. This pattern is from the October 2020 Just Cross Stitch magazine.

This is another one that I am stitching on the Silk app and I am 0.8% done.

This is my favorite Aida to stitch on. If you are looking for buttery soft Aida to stitch on then you need to buy Fiber on the Whim fabric. I get mine from Fat Quarter Shop and I buy more every time I order something from them.

I randomly did a middle start for this one even though I usually start in the upper left. And of course this is another Stitching with the Housewives pattern.

Sorry this picture is blurry. Farm Sweet Farm is a freebie pattern when you purchase the Bless this Farm pattern from Stitching with the Housewives.

This is the last Stitching with the Housewives pattern I have started.

I have only made a tiny start on this one. The more I look at this one the more I think I might finish it as a pillow.

This is my last Silk app start. This is a Galliana cross stitch and she also has an Etsy store where she has more charts then what is currently on the app. I want to stitch pretty much everything that she designs. I worked on this two days and I have 1.2% completed.

This is a pretty long post and I’m a little nervous for how many wips I will have by the end of the year!



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