Stitching Saturday 12.4.21

I haven’t done one of these posts since July (I think) but I have been itching to do them again for awhile. However, I was overwhelmed by the idea of showing ALL the projects I’ve worked on the past few months. It occurred to me this week that I could just start fresh and show you week by week so that’s what I’m going to do.

This is a good week to start too, since it’s not only the beginning of a new month but I’m also working my rotation different and taking part in a Facebook challenge group. I have always spun a tiny decisions wheel to decide what I work on every day (minus my focus project) but I decided to try out something new this week to maybe bring into the new year. I’m not going to go into my New Year’s plans in this post but I want to try to get more focused on a handful of projects at a time. So, last Sunday, I spun my tiny decisions wheel and picked three projects on top of my focus project and that’s what I could work on this week. I only ended up working on two of the three but that is because I’m also taking part in the challenge group. On Facebook there is a 24 hours of cross stitch group and for December they are doing either a holiday challenge or an acrostic challenge. I chose the acrostic challenge and since it is a 12 days of Christmas challenge I am only doing it on the even days of the month. This is a huge info dump so let’s just get into the projects.

Oh, but I won’t be sharing my focus project because it is a Christmas present for someone who may read this blog.

Sew Berry Sweet

This was for my first Acrostic challenge “S”. I have definitely gotten a lot better and faster at stitching the past few weeks. The picture on the left is three days of work and I almost doubled that in one day. Which is pretty impressive (if I do say so myself) since I’m still putting quite a lot of time into my focus project every day.

Tomato Seeds

I’ve actually restarted this since you last saw it during my mid year WIP parade. Because I was pretty much a novice when I picked stitching back up I started this pattern on a 10 ct fabric which made this way too big. I have since restarted it on a 14 ct and I like it a lot more. The picture above is from one day of work since I forgot to take a picture when I first picked it up this week. I also worked on this one day for the acrostic challenge for the letter “T”.

*I did work on one more project this week but I forgot to take a picture of it but it doesn’t matter since I will he working on it again soon for the acrostic challenge for another letter “S”. And I did a tiny start on a diamond painting project that is not worth showing since I only did the smallest amount.


One of my projects for next week is Shawlography which I haven’t shared yet since it is a knit pattern that just came out in October. It was a KAL (knit a long) but I didn’t even finish the first clue! It is so cool though and I love how it is coming out even with my baby start.

12 days of Christmas freebie by Plum Street Sampler

This is a picture from July and I’ve worked on it once or twice since then so I will try to take an accurate before picture when I pick it up next week.

Wow, I’ve worked on this a lot since I showed it in July! I will definitely take a before picture of this one since I am almost done with the first page (the left half).

*I will also have three days of acrostic challenges next week for the letters: I, T, C. “C” is going to be a new start since it is a good excuse for me to start one of the first Etsy patterns I ever bought. A clue game board!

The Christmas Sampler by Galiana cross stitch

This is another one that I have put more work into since last time I took a picture of it.

In the Springtime by HAED

I have become a full on lover of full coverage and I’m excited to have another excuse to work on this.



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