I rate all books on a scale of 1-5. My main goal when rating a book is for me to show how well I thought the author did what they were setting out to do. I will also raise a books rating if it hit me hard emotionally.

Rating Scale 

1- This book is a mess and I have no idea what the author is trying to convey.

2- I can see what the author was trying to do but I don’t think it was well executed.

3- I liked the book and I think the author achieved what they were trying to do.

4- I really enjoyed the book and think the author did a great job of telling the story.

5- This book was exceptionally well done and I was totally immersed in the world the author created.

Rating DNF books

If I am reading a book and it starts to annoy me then I will stop reading it. I do not rate books that I haven’t finished.

*I once saw a review for a book that the person stopped reading and gave a one star rating too. It happened to be a book that I read and I was really struck by the fact that she had read up to a certain point and vehemently hated what happened (which is completely valid!) that she decided the whole book was about that one scene. When in actuality the very next page the book shifted and went in a whole new direction and that scene ended up making perfect sense to the heart of one of the character’s involved.


I will always give my 100% thoughts and opinions on every book that I review. While I am always extremely grateful (and in awe) that I get to read so many books for free in exchange for review that will never influence my opinion or rating.