Stitching… Sunday 12.12.21

Happy Sunday! I missed posting yesterday because it was a pretty busy day. I still wanted to make sure that I came back today and shared my stitchy update. First I’ll show my progress for the week and then I will share my plans for this week.

WIP Update

I stitched 325 stitches into this the one day I worked on it for the December Acrostic challenge for the 24 hrs of cross stitch Facebook group. Here’s the cover photo of what this will eventually look like:

I worked on this for two days. Although I took the beginning picture after I had already stitched one wedge. I enjoy working on these Stephen West knit a longs (KAL) because I always learn something new. Although this entire KAL took place in October and I’m still working on clue 1!

I don’t think you can see much a difference in the two photos but I did do over 100 stitches. I think the next time I pick this up I will start working on some motifs and only put a thread in on the border every once in a while because I want to see the pattern start to come to life. Here’s what this pattern will look like when it’s done:

I’m loving the way this project is turning out. I would love to finish the first half of this before the year is over but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Unless it comes up on my wheel again in the next few couple of weeks.

I was supposed to work on my 12 days of Christmas project yesterday but didn’t get the chance.


My acrostic challenges for this week are:

H- How Sweet It Is by Hello from Liz Matthews (My pattern doesn’t come with a cover image but it’s just the words “how sweet it is to be loved by you”)

F- Fourth of July. Although the last time I went to work on this I couldn’t find it. Which makes me think I meant to restart it and forgot. When I first got back into stitching I started some projects on fabric that wasn’t right and I’ve been slowly restarting them.

O- ornament- snow much in love. This will be a new start for me. I’m planning on stitching this on a 28ct gray fabric to make all the white stitching pop.

R- Red, white and blue.

My regular weekly projects this week are a focus project that I can’t share and three others. I have two knitting projects and one cross stitch project that is so close to a finish.



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