Stitching Saturday 1.1.22

Happy first of the year! And I love that it falls on a Saturday and I get to share all my stitching progress that I’ve made the past couple of weeks since I last showed my projects. I will share my WIP update first and then share my plans for the next week. I spent the week of Christmas finishing up the shawl I made my Mom. I didn’t completely read through the pattern and I thought the border was only 7 rows but it ended up being 18 rows and I had over 500 stitches on the needles so it was a lot of knitting. But it was so worth it and it came out beautifully. Although, I had to hurry and wrap it so I didn’t manage to get a picture. Maybe in the future I will get one to share with you. It is the Campfire Cozy by Espace Tricot.

WIP Update

I worked on this December 18 and in the car on Christmas plus a little bit in the mornings the last few days of last year. I actually have it in the awesome Clue bag that I got for Christmas and it is staying in my purse so I can put stitches in it while I’m out and about and waiting in the school pick up lines.

I only stitched on this a little bit on Christmas Eve. I’m excited to start on the Owl (my favorite animal) this year.

I have such a hard time seeing on this fabric which is weird since 28 ct is my sweet spot. For Christmas my husband got me the side table that I’ve been eyeing for awhile and now I’m trying to figure out what light I want for my stitching. I’m hopeful that the new light will make this project move a lot faster.

This was a new start and I really loved working on this. It doesn’t look like it but this is 242 stitches.

I’m making this for my husband since Evil Dead is his favorite movie.

This one is frustrating because all the progress on the bottom motif needs to be frogged plus some of what I had previously done. I miscounted where the flower is shooting off to the left and it has thrown the whole motif off. I did actually spend some time frogging this so when I do pick it back up again I won’t have that much left to do.

This is another project that I had to rip back on. For some incredibly frustrating reason I started this with the fabric oriented the wrong way. I can’t believe I did that. I had the word For and had just started the N for nothing before I realized what I did.

*Yesterday I did one row on my Shawlography and there’s no point showing it because you can’t tell any difference with it.


This was one of my projects called in WIPGO (a Facebook group) and I am aiming to finish it. It will be my morning stitch until I’m done with it and my focus piece for today.

This is my second piece called for WIPGO and this will stay in my rotation until I finish it. Also, sorry for the cat hair. I don’t let my cats hang out on my projects so I’m confused why there is so much on this one!

This is my year long focus piece. I don’t have a picture of my small amount of progress on this but you will be seeing it every week for months to come. I need 40 stitches a day to finish it this year but I will be working on this every Monday and possibly another day during the week to get my stitches in. I’m also using this for the “bike around Germany” challenge in the Full Coverage Fanatics Facebook group.

I will start stitching on this after I get 120 stitches on Children by a Stream. I am using this for two back to back challenges for the Bike Around Germany challenge so this will stay in my rotation until I get 940 stitches on it.

This is my last project for the week. If you have been around for awhile you will know my ongoing battle with this project. I have frogged this hat twice because for some reason my brain really struggles with the part where you turn the work. I don’t know why but I’m hopefully that the third time is the charm.



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