Stitching Saturday 1.8.22

I had a great week of cross stitching. I actually had a finish and I completed the first stop of the full coverage fanatics “bike around Germany” challenge. Unfortunately, I didn’t work on my husbands Oslo hat at all but I am so happy with my cross stitch progress that I don’t mind. I also may have been avoiding that project since I have already frogged it a couple of times.


Stitching Housewives on Etsy

My first finish of 2022! I love the way it turned out and I hope that I actually fully finish it so I can display it when spring/summer comes around. This project was called for WIPGO so I feel really accomplished that I already marked a square off my board.

This is my second piece called for Wipgo so this will stay in my rotation until it’s done. My youngest picked this Santa out to go on our tree but I barely worked on it last year so I’ll definitely have it ready for next Christmas!

This is my year long focus piece so you will be seeing this every week. To finish it by the end of the year I need at least 280 stitches a week and I did 423 this week so I’m very happy with my progress. I used this for the first stop on the “bike around Germany” challenge which only called for 120 stitches so I was able to move onto my second full coverage piece of the week. I’m now at 4.86% done with this project. I’m working on this every single Monday with Needlecraft Dani on YouTube for our #goldenkitemonday SAL (stitch-a-long).

This is a huge project that will take me many years to compete but I’m loving working on it. It is very confetti heavy but it is fun to see the colors come together. I’m currently stitching on this today so combined with today and tomorrow I have done 350 stitches on it which brings me up to a total of 1,342 stitches, which is a whopping 0.67% done. I’m using this for back to back stops on the bike challenge and I’m roughly 200 stitches short of completing the second stop. So this piece will roll over into next week as well.


I’ve added two projects to the three I’ve already mentioned. One cross stitch and one diamond painting that I bought awhile ago and never started.

From Amazon. It is currently unavailable.

I’m stitching this for my niece. Her birthday is in September and I’m about half done. I was hoping to have it done for Christmas but my Mom’s shawl was higher priority. It also gives me time to find the perfect frame for it whenever I do get it done.



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