Stitching Saturday 2.5.22

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted so I do have some good progress to share today. Because life was so crazy the last couple of weeks I was just grabbing projects that called to me but I’m excited to get back on a routine.


Midwinter sock set by Summer Lee Design on Ravelry

I was watching some knitting podcasts on YouTube and I had an itch to finally finish my first pair of socks. I had about half of the cuff done before I picked them back up and now I’m close to decreasing for the toes. The brown zigzag above the stripes is for the afterthought heel and that is the part I am most nervous for. I still have the sock I was knitting on double pointed needles so I will practice first on that one. I switched to 9in circulars because I was struggling with the colorwork on dpns and I have to say that it is looking so much better.

This is the project I’m currently working on today because I kind of forgot about it and I had a lot to catch up on since I should have finished the first butterfly already. I’m looking forward to stitching on it this month because I think it will be more colorful because we are going to be near the 80’s next week in my part of Northern California.

This is a pretty meditative knit since I have the pattern down. This is the back piece of the cardigan and I will definitely be finishing it up soon. I don’t have any knitting in my weekly plans but I will be picking up this or my socks when I am craving something different from stitching.

I had previously done some work on this but I can’t find the before picture. I brought the border down far enough that I can now move over to the magnifying glass. From there I will move down to the actual board so I can switch between a thread of black and a thread of color. I don’t have this in my plans for next week but if do hope to get back to it soon.


This is one of my two Wipgo projects. My goal for this one is to finish the first page. I’m pretty sure the first page is half of the witch down to the the top of the house. This project will stay in my rotation until I complete my goal.

This is my second Wipgo project. My goal for this one is to reach the 50% mark on it. I’m currently at 18% so I’m thinking I can get both gingerbread cookies stickier and then move down.

I barely started on it last year so I can’t wait to put some more stitches into it. For my bike through Germany challenge in full coverage fanatics Facebook group I need 740 stitches on this one. Next time there is a sale on heaven and earth design I will be buying the digital version of this pattern because I like enjoy using pattern keeper.

This will be a new start for me. My ten year old picked this out for me to stitch awhile ago because he wants to have it for Halloween so I figured I better start it so I can have it done in time.

This really is a mini because where you see the stitching on the right side is the whole piece. I already plan on framing it and putting it on my table next to where I do all my stitching.


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