Stitching Saturday 12.25.21 (2022 plans)

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! And if you don’t, then I hope you are having a relaxed and wonderful Saturday! I’m posting in the car on the way to Christmas dinner so it will be short and sweet. I just want to briefly go over my stitchy plans for next year.


1. I want to cross stitch something that requires beads next year.

2. I want to complete multiple pairs of socks.

3. I also want to knit a few sweaters. I always choose cardigans to knit and I want to have some sweaters I can wear.

4. When it comes to threads and yarn I always want to fall back to the cheapest options and I would like to branch out to some hand dyed yarns and yarns sourced from other countries. I would also like to try cross stitching with some silks when the right project comes a long.


1. Without getting too confusing, I plan on always having at least one full coverage cross stitch in my rotation that will be chosen by the Full Coverage Fanatics Facebook group “bike across Germany” challenge. I will share more as we go but basically for every kilometer between cities in Germany you have to stitch one stitch. And I will share exactly how many stitches that is and which project I’ll be using for each city as we come across them.

2. Going along with the full coverage theme my biggest cross stitch goal is to finish my small Golden Kite “children by a stream”.

I’m sorry this is such a blurry photo.

3. Every Sunday I will be working on my temperature butterflies.

4. I will be choosing five projects each week to work on from my tiny decisions wheel. One will be a full coverage. And one of the five will be my morning focus stitch that I will work on every day to get some extra progress on it.



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