Stitching Saturday 12.18.21

This was not a good crafting week for me and I don’t anticipate next week being any better but such is life this time of year. The weeks leading up to Christmas are intense but always so worth it to make this time of year special for my boys.

WIP Update

Knitting: I did restart my socks but I only managed a couple of rounds so they aren’t worth showing. I really should read tonight but if I decide to watch anything later I will work more on my fjer cardigan. I’ve barely started that too but I hope to make a lot of progress on it in 2022. Especially since I started it for my birthday (which was in June!).

A finish! I’m so excited that I have one more finish for this year. I think I’m going to mount this on sticky board and display it that way. Maybe on a spring clipboard piece I find next year. I’m pretty terrible at fully finishing things though so we’ll see if that actually happens.


The only thing I’m planning on working on (other than wrapping up some projects for people who may visit this blog) are the rest of my December acrostic projects.

O: ornament- snow much in love by haed *I’ve been struggling with starting this. I’ve changed fabric colors and I think I’m going to move forward with 2 over 1 tent stitch on 28ct fabric.

R: red, white, & blue by Stitching Housewives

S: the stitching shelves by Galiana on the Silk app *This will be a new start

E: evil dead (this is my boomstick) found on Etsy *also a new start.

L: love thy neighbor by modern folk embroidery on the Silk app

F: For With God found on Etsy *new start



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