Dewey’s 24 hr readathon wrap up

Whew, I am finally here to wrap up Saturday’s 24 hr readathon. For some reason I am always busier then I think I will be. I think with the pandemic I got used to my kids not having that much to do and that is no longer the case but I haven’t made the mental shift yet. Saturday the readathon started at 5am for me and so it ended at 5am Sunday. I was so tired when I went to bed on Friday that I somehow managed to not save my alarm for 5 but I still woke up at 5:40 so I started from there. I tried to make it as long as I could but I finally tapped out at 1:30 am which means I did most of the 24 hr readathon. I also posted most hours so I will link all those posts at the end if you want to follow along with what I did that day.

My two oldest boys also participated in the readathon which was very exciting for me because I love how much they enjoy reading. My youngest is only 4 so he wasn’t quite able to join in but he did play ABC mouse while he did some snacking with us. And of course he gets read to anytime he asks pretty much so I hope when he is older he will want to read with us!

Total books read

Hunter: 2 read/finished (had already started previously). 1 partially read.

Connor: 3 audiobooks listened to (all from the Who Was series) and started a reread of Scythe

Me: 5 read. 1 finished that I previously started. 1 DNF

Wrap Up


I read 87 pages of this but I decided to put it down because it had multiple instances of detailing someone dying of cancer and that is a topic that is extremely hard for me to read. I can usually push past it but it kept being brought up and it brought my mood and reading pace down. Whenever I decide to DNF a book I always look up spoiler reviews so I can get some resolution on the story and boy after reading some reviews was I glad I put this down. It seems like I put it down while the plot was still somewhat together and after that it turns into a whole other story. I thought this was going to be a ghost story but apparently it is more of a romance which I wouldn’t have guessed at all. I knew there was a love interest but I thought he would be helping her investigate the creepy happenings of their boardinghouse but I was wrong. If you like romance with some paranormal elements then perhaps this is a book you would enjoy.

Books read

4 stars

This is a really cute romance between two long lost loves. The pacing of the main story was very quick. It had that insta love feeling since they fall back into their relationship so quickly after meeting again. The ending was also not great and a total rip off of a popular romance movie. However, the edition that I read had a few short additional stories that tell different parts of their relationship and it helped make everything seem more real. I really appreciated the sex talk in one story because it is not very often when a book is so open about safe sex options for women relationships. I also enjoyed the story that had some actual conflict between the wives and seeing them work through it was rewarding. When I first read this I gave it five stars but since thinking about it more I have lowered it down to four stars. The last story in the book also teased what the second volume will be about and I will definitely be picking that up.

4 stars

I will have a full review up for this season since it was gifted to me by the publisher. A really fun domestic thriller that is centered around Halloween.

4 stars

I read this because my son, Connor, has been wanting me to for awhile so I went into it without knowing anything. And I was not expecting a horror. This is basically the middle grade version of Junji Ito. Both the story and the art are creepy and there were a few instances where I was grossed out. The only downside to this book is that it doesn’t have a satisfying ending.

4 stars

This is another one that Connor wanted me to read but I obviously knew what this was about going into it. Although I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned reading this.. There were a lot of interesting details about what was happening around the time of the Donner party that I never heard of before. These Nathan Hale books are great and my history loving son is obsessed with them. I also appreciated that there were trigger warnings for the kids reading this before it got into the graphic parts of the story.

5 stars

The perfect addition to the Stranger Things story that we all know and love from the tv show. This graphic novel showcases how important Dungeon and Dragons is to the friend group before the events of the first season and in between every other season. Stranger Things is my favorite show of all time so this was just a heartwarming read.

5 stars

One of the best written books I have ever read. Camilla Bruce is a genius and I have made it my mission to read everything she has ever written. (I recently got a collection of fairy tale retellings just so I can read her story.) A lot of people are not going to like this book and that’s ok. But if you love weird creepy books with unreliable narrators then this is one that I think you will enjoy. The topic of sexual abuse is a heavy theme of this story so please be aware of that if you are thinking of reading this. I will eventually have a full (probably spoiler filled) review up for this book.

Dewey Posts

Hour 2

Hour 3

Hour 4

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Hour 13

Hour 14

Hour 18

Hour 21

And that’s all that I read. Thank you so much for everyone that followed along with me during that day! I enjoyed sharing my day with all of you but I’m glad that the readathon only happens a few times a year.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 21

I cannot believe I have lasted this long but I am quickly fading. I have around 70 pages of this book left and I would like to finish it before going to bed. This will be my last update during the readathon though. I am planning on doing a wrap up post Sunday or Monday so I will give you my full thoughts on this book then. I will say that it is a strange and brutal story. The author keeps building so many layers onto the story and I am anxious to find out how it ends.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 18

Ok I think I am back on track with the correct hour count. I don’t know how long I am going to go but I think I at least have a few more hours in me. Honestly, I usually only have one or two cups of coffee a day and today I had four so I’m pretty wired.

I also haven’t mentioned yet that my kids are participating in the readathon with me which has been so fun. We have gotten a lot of reading done as a family. When I do my wrap up tomorrow I will try to remember to include how many books we all read total.

I’m still really enjoying You Let Me In. I think I understand what the author is doing which makes it an interesting story. I still have to finish it, of course, but I think she is going to leave it up to the reader to decide if we believe the narrator or not. I have no idea where this story is going and I am eager to see what is going to be revealed next.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 14

I finished The Donner Party and I have moved onto You Let Me In. I gave The Donner Party four stars. It is a really informative story that delves into a lot of history about the Donner party and surrounding events.

You Let Me In is so far the creepy little story I was hoping The Haunting of Brynn Wilder would be. I’m only 22 pages in and I’m really hoping this one doesn’t let me down!

I’m also still confused on what hour I’m on. The Goodreads group does do sprints at designated times so I’m hoping to confirm the actual hour soon.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 13

I’m honestly feeling a little delirious and I’m not exactly sure what hour I’m on anymore! The last few hours I DNF’d a book, playing a video game with one of my sons and took a nap. I’m jumping back into it with this quick middle grade graphic novel and then I will be starting You Let Me In.

I decided to DNF The Haunting of Brynn Wilder at 87 pages because the constant talk about her mom dying of cancer was just too much for me. I was enjoying the book other than that but then I looked up some spoiler reviews and it seems like I stopped reading while it was still good. What I gathered from the reviews is that there is a bait and switch where it seems like a ghost story but it is really a romance and all the creepy elements are apparently dropped one by one.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 11

Book mail! I just received these in the mail so I thought I would show them off.

I’m currently on chapter 9 of The Haunting of Brynn Wilder. It’s been slow going because it has some pretty descriptive scenes of cancer and hospice care with cancer and it reminded me too much of what we went through with Grandma. I thought about DNF’ing but I am still really loving the story so I’m trying to push through. I do think next hour I might switch to a graphic novel to keep my momentum going.

In other news the snacks have come out so there is plenty of fuel for reading!


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 8

I didn’t update hour 7 since I was doing my workout and getting dressed. I did manage to start The Haunting of Brynn Wilder and while I’m only on page 14, I’m loving it. The author, Wendy Webb, has done a fantastic job with the setting and atmosphere. There have already been a few instances of creepy things being hinted at and I am here for it. It will probably take me a few hours to read this book but I have my fingers crossed that I continue to love it.

Now that it is noon I will be making myself some pancakes and a fresh cup of coffee to keep myself going.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 6

I’m onto my second cup of coffee and The Mothers Next Door. I’m now 91% done so I feel confident I will finish this hour.

I did end up giving Bingo Love 5 stars because I loved the added stories so much. They added so much to the original story. I did a quick scroll through the Goodread reviews and I feel like I might be in the minority when it comes to the stories. I thought the main story was wrapped up but the last story revealed what the second edition is going to be about and I can’t wait!

I am kind of burned out on graphic novels right now so I think I will move onto reading some books. I think the first one I want to tackle is The Haunting of Brynn Wilder.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: hour 5

Bingo Love is fantastic! I’m working on the small stories that are extra in this edition but I’ve finished the main story. The story was beautiful, emotional and inspirational but the ending was straight out off a popular romance movie. If I name the movie you will immediately know the ending of this graphic novel so I won’t. It is a little disappointing that the author went with that ending but with the added stories I think this is still a five star read.

As you can see I made coffee and I’m hoping that can keep me going for awhile. I will finish Bingo Love this hour and then either workout or start The Mothers Next Door.


Dewey’s 24hr readathon: Hour 4

I finished Apocalypse Taco and it was a creepy little story. I enjoyed the middle with the backstory the most but I didn’t really enjoy the ending. I gave it four stars.

I am 22 pages into Bingo Love and I’m obsessed. This has the beginnings of an epic love story and the art is incredible.

My next read will probably be The Mothers Next Door since I am 81% done and I really want to see how it ends. And coffee. There will definitely be coffee in my future.