Dewey’s readathon

Dewey’s readathon check in : Hours 10- 15

I decided to get my two chapters of the Victober buddy read done which I’m happy with it because tomorrow we finish the book! The Mayor of Casterbridge is not what I thought it would be which doesn’t make sense because I had no idea what it was about. I’m between three and four stars so this last chapter will decide it for me.

I only have an hour left in The Women Who Could Fly and I’m loving it. It is a feminist witchy book that so closely parallels our world but has archaic laws and ways of thinking about women. I’m so happy this was chosen by the wheel and it “forced” me to read it.

I’ve also read more of Halloween Party Murder. It is a fun break because it is so outlandish and silly. There are ghosts, werewolves and a grumpy detective. I think next month there’s a Thanksgiving one coming out and I’m already looking forward to reading it.


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