Harlequin series launch: Tactical Crime Division


I was so excited when Harlequin reached out to me and let me know about this new series they are launching next month with one book coming out April-July. Not only do these books sound right up my alley but I also think its really cool that each book in the series is written by a different author!

The team

Perfect for fans of Criminal Minds and Blacklist

Uncover the lives and loves of the FBI elite as they take on the toughest assignments. This is a new four-book miniseries featuring an ensemble cast of characters spread across 4 books, featuring 4 urgent cases, with one stellar team of crime solving experts. 

Each title can be read as a standalone novel, featuring a unique hard to solve crime case.


And Harlequin also put together such a cool book trailer that got me even more hyped for these books.

How amazing is that!? I especially love that these are Harlequin intrigue books which means they are all roughly around 200 pages. That means the action is almost non stop and can be easily read in one sitting!

You can buy the first book HERE and also find more about the other three books in the series.



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