Stitching Saturday 2.6.21

I don’t have much to show off today so I thought I would start sharing what I am planning for Stitch Maynia. Stitch Maynia is a fun cross stitch event that takes place during the whole month of May (hence the name) and from what I understand each person can come up with their own parameters for participating. I have decided that I will be doing a new start every single day which seems very over the top but I’m drowning in things that I want to stitch so this will be a great way to start to make a dent in my wishlist. Some will be bigger and others will be smaller projects and I have no expectation of actually finishing them this year but nothing can ever be finished if its not started… at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

I did make a lot of knitting progress this week and I finished the back panels of both cardigans I am working on. So now I’m onto the front panels but I have barely started on them so it wasn’t worth picturing. I also got a couple of colors added into my Slipstravaganza shawl but I think I want to save showing a picture of that one because I am so close to the next (and last) section of the shawl. I also worked on my cross stitch cat for one day and I got one of the ears completely done and I love seeing her face starting to develop.

Stitch Maynia


Modern Folk Embroidery. I will probably do the version that is all in red.


Cross Stitching Lovers on Etsy


Balmy Spring Day by Heaven and Earth Designs. I’m a little nervous to start my first HAED because these patterns are full coverage humongous pieces but it will be so beautiful to have this hanging in my house. In about a decade!


Tiny Modernist on Etsy. I might play around with the colors of this one.


Winter Rose Manor by Thy Needle and Thread.



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