January Wrap Up

I stopped doing wrap ups toward the end of last year but I miss having my reading condensed down in monthly chunks so I am bringing them back into 2021. These are going to be much more condensed than they used to be since I talk about what I’m reading almost weekly in my WWW posts.

Total Books Read: 9

Audiobooks: 1

Ebooks: 5

Physical books: 3

Books read from my January TBR: 4 (and 1 DNF)

Books read from my PopCulture Readathon TBR: 2

Best Books of the Month

*I gave everything else four stars so I had a really great reading month!

**I don’t rate memoirs but Life After Death is a great insight into death row and the “justice” system in general. If you are familiar with the West Memphis 3 case it is also a good way to get to know more about Damien Echols separate from the case.


Both of these books had nonsensical plots that was further impacted by terrible writing. I really enjoyed Estelle Laure’s first book but I feel like she had no idea what she was trying to do with this one. And the award for one of the most overwritten books goes to Mercy House. Mercy House suffers the most from the not like every girl trope except in this book replace girl with nun and that tells you just how ridiculous the whole thing was.

I am very happy with my reading in spite of the two DNF’s because I feel like I did a great job recognizing they weren’t for me and I moved onto other things. I do wish I had done better with my books for the PopCulture Readathon but it was such a good reading month that I can’t be too disappointed.



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