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The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin


Publication Date: This edition with this gorgeous blue cover was recently published January 7, 2020. The book was originally published October 16, 2015.

Publisher: HQN Books

Pages: 416

Genre: Contemporary with a touch of romance

Rating: 3/5

This book follows  book store owner Sarah Smith who is feeling stuck in her small town life and when she gets the opportunity to swap places with her friend, Sophie, who lives in Paris she jumps at the chance. Sarah is also trying to figure out her long distance relationship with her reporter boyfriend, Ridge. Upon reaching Paris, Sarah quickly learns that this is not going to be the fairytale vacation that she was picturing.

The story itself is fun and interesting with lots of great characters but this book tends to drag on. There was a lot that happened but at the same time it was also repetitive in a lot of areas. I think if the story had been cut down it would have flowed a lot better and kept everything moving forward. I did really enjoy not only Sarah’s character but the other people at the Paris bookstore. The journey of the bookstore was my favorite part of the book and I loved how it started and how everything ended up.

As I mentioned above this book does have a romance element in it but I classified it as a contemporary since the romance takes a back burner to Sarah’s journey of finding herself and of course the bookstore. I also didn’t care for the bit of romance that we did have. I don’t have anything against long distance relationships and while I have never been in one I don’t think this was the healthiest representation of one. I would have rated this book higher if Sarah’s romance hadn’t been a part of her story.

I think that if you enjoy Adult Contemporaries and also are in love with books then this is a book for you. The author, Raisin, is definitely a fellow book lover because the way Sarah talks/feels about books is something I related to as a book collector. If you also love contemporaries set in Paris then I also recommend this book to you because the city comes to life in this story. I could easily imagine myself among the streets of Paris and if I ever get lucky enough to go there I will for sure be rereading this book first.

*I was supposed to review this book has part of the HQN romance book tour but there was something wrong with my original link for that tour. I have been emailing my contact at the publisher before each book that I review for the tour material. With everything that happened earlier this month it slipped my mind so I just decided to do a regular review for this book.





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