2019 Reading Survey

I had prepped this post before the new year started but I am just now getting around to typing it up. I had starting writing down questions to answer to wrap up my reading year and then I saw BooksandLala’s video called 2019 reading survey. So I decided to piggyback off of her video idea and answer the same questions that she did. I know at one point I was going to add in some of my own questions but honestly I can’t remember if I ever did. So full credit for this post goes to Lala and her always original video ideas.

Total Books Read: 141

Fave Book


I LOVE THIS BOOK! I plan on reading this book every single year of my life. I have yet to read a book that felt so completely real to me.

Worst Book


The story behind the famous author Anne Perry’s shocking childhood crime is interesting. She and her friend plotted and killed her friends mother. This book chronicles the girls lives, the crime, and the trial. This book spent way too much time on the author’s bias and his off putting fascination with Perry’s mother.



I completely understand why people love this book so much. I also am so in love with Evelyn Hugo and her story. But the interviewer that Hugo is telling her life story to was so pointless to me. Her only purpose was for a plot device that I don’t think we needed at all. Daisy Jones and the Six was a much improved upon way of telling this kind of story.



I started this Agatha Christie and could barely get through the 18% I read. This felt like it was written by a completely different author. Which is so sad for me because I have read my fair share of Christie and I think I have given them all a five star.

Most Read Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Most Surprising


I don’t read too much YA contemporary anymore but when I do I usually like it and occasionally love. This book totally blew me away by how amazing it is. This book is absolute perfection and is another one that I can see myself rereading. This book also cemented to me that I really connect with magical realism stories.

Longest Book Read


766 pages

Shortest Book Read


52 pages

Biggest Accomplishment


I have wanted to read this book for so long and I finally did it! And I loved this gothic dark romance. This was so great and I know that it is getting repetitive but I also will be rereading this one as well.

Favorite Characters


Since I want to answer each question with a different answer I didn’t pick Daisy Jones and the Six. Jordan and Pike are characters that I also adore so much and I was so into their love story. I already having reading plans for this book this year (surprise surprise).

Book That Made You Cry


This book broke me so hard. I was in an almost month long book hangover because of how hard this book hit me.

Book That Made You Laugh


I haven’t read a Becky Bloomwood book in so many years and I honestly forgot how funny they are. I think I only ever read the first three books in this series and I want to start collecting and reading them all. I do have a couple of Sophie Kinsella’s stand alone books on my shelves and I want to try to get to those this year.

Favorite Author

I read my first two Kate Atkinson books in 2019 and I am so captivated by the way she tells a story. She is such a strong storyteller and I want to read everything she has ever written or will ever write. Atkinson has a way with words that speaks to me so strongly that I get so caught up in the characters and the story.



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