2021 Reading Survey

We are in the last week of of 2021 so I thought I would wrap up my year in reading. I have a couple of review books that I will be reading this week but I don’t think either of those books will impact my answers for this survey. Besides how many total books read. I’m pretty thrilled with my reading this year since I found a new lifelong favorite and did a great job of quickly putting down books that I wasn’t feeling.

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Total Books Read: 143

Fave Book

This is a very character driven fantasy that I fell completely in love with this year. I will be reading the new version of this story when it comes out in March and I hope I love it just as much.

Worst Book

This isn’t necessarily terrible but since I dnf so many books early on I had slim pickings for what could be the worst book of the year. I don’t feel comfortable picking a book I haven’t read because I don’t really know anything about it beyond the little bit that I did read.


This isn’t a bad book but it is not what I was expecting. This is more of a collection of short stories and is one of the most simplistic sci fi’s that I have read. Again, it’s not a bad book but I thought I was getting more from this story than I did.


This started off so strongly but the last fourth of this book just completely derailed. This was the author’s debut novel so I do have my hopes up that the next book will be better.

Most read genre: Mystery/Thriller

Most Surprising

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with this book but this is one of the most creative and well written books I have ever read. This is another life long favorite book that I can’t wait to reread. Danielewski is an actual literary genius and I am blown away by his incredible mind.

Longest book

This was my first Sarah J. Maas book and I flew through this tome in less than a week. I will be rereading this book in either January or February in anticipation of the sequel coming out.

Shortest book

This is a ten page story that I listened to and it was only around 15 minutes long. It was a nice snippet of the author’s work and I would love for her to expand it to a complete novel.

Biggest accomplishment

I usually try to have a different answer for every question but this book me on a month’s long journey. It took me 3 or so months to make it just over 100 pages and then I got into the groove of the multiple storylines and I couldn’t put this book down. I read the remaining 400 pages in days.

Favorite characters

The Atlas Six would be a great answer to this question but I also really enjoyed the characters in Jade City. We follow different members of the same family and I love all of them. I read this book toward the beginning of last year and I still can vividly remember the characters and plot. Reading the entire (published) Green Bone Saga is in my 2022 plans.

Book that made you cry

This was easily the most emotionally hard hitting book that I read this year. It is balanced well with the Christmas aspect but it had tears rolling down my face more than once.

Book that made you laugh

This was hilarious, sweet, sexy, and heartwarming. All the things that make the perfect cozy romance.

Favorite author

Olivie Blake, Mark Z. Danielewski, and Fonda Lee would be great choices for this but I read four Agatha Christie’s this year and I immensely enjoyed them all.



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