2020 Bookish and Blog Goals

Before we get too far into the month I want to share what some of my goals are for this year. My aim in sharing this is so you can see the direction I’m going in for the year especially with the books I am picking to read. I also share just a few blog goals that I have and I think are realistic for me to achieve.

Bookish Goals

  1. Read 120 books this year.
  2. Read more big books. I was doing ok with this last year but then I dropped off toward the end of the year. I don’t have a specific number in mind for how many books I want to read, instead I just want to stay consistent with it and not shy away from reading them just to hit my target number of books.
  3. Keep reading a variety of genres. I genuinely enjoy so many different types of books and I want to make sure that I’m not getting stuck in only one or two genres.
  4. Going along with the one above I want to read more plays and poetry this year. I have never read a play for pleasure and I am interested to see how I like it. I obviously read some in school and I didn’t mind it but that was more than a decade ago. Also, I really do like poetry when I do happen to read it but I want to make it more of a priority.
  5. Part of the #ClassicsCommunity 2020 challenge is to read at least one classic per month and I definitely want to make sure that I’m doing that. More than one per month would be a bonus.
  6. I really want to read all the books that I pick for my monthly TBR’s. I have so many books and I get sidetracked but I would love to accomplish my monthly to read list every month. I already started this with the books I picked in my January + Magical Readathon TBR by only choosing six books per month.
  7. Kindle Unlimited is obviously something that I pay for every month but last year I was not good at all about using it every month. Which is beyond ridiculous because I have a huge running list on my phone of all the KU books I want to read. I hope to read at least one per month but I would love to be able to read more than one if I can fit it into the month.
  8. Hand in hand with the one above is I want to try to read more books that I have bought on my Kindle. I have so many amazing books that I buy on there and then never prioritize them. This is definitely something that needs to change this year.

Blog Goals

  1. Update my blog consistently. My goal is to always post on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays but I don’t always do that. I want to get back to doing that every week plus adding in more content as I can.
  2. I would really like to do a full review for every book that I read. While I know that doing that 100% isn’t completely feasible I do feel confident that I can do this 80-90% of the time.
  3. This will probably be a forever goal but there are always things that I want to tweak and add to my website so I hope to implement more of those during the year.



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