book review

Her Name Is Mercie by Chris Roy

Thank you to Booktasters and Chris Roy for allowing me to read this book for free in exchange for my honest review.



Title: Her Name Is Mercie

Author: Chris Roy

Pages: 164

Genre: Fiction, Horror

Publisher: Near to the Knuckle

Publication Date: May 26, 2018

Rating: 3/5

I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. All but one were horror related which is right up my alley. I don’t have a lot of experience with reading short stories and I’m happy that I had such a great experience with this collection because I definitely want to keep reading more. All the stories were very fast paced and all had interesting plots. The first story, Her Name Is Mercie, took up a little more than half the book and the other four were very short.

My favorite story was Re-pete. The story really went full circle and had the right amount of suspense to keep me hooked the whole way through. It really gave me Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween vibes (the beginning of the movie with young Michael Myers).

My least favorite story was Hunger. It had a few horror elements but it was way more of a character driven story and I really didn’t like the character. She was just so dumb to me and I didn’t feel bad for her situation at all. I did like the twist at the end and I wish the story had been more about that then her weird hallucinations.

The main story, Her Name Is Mercie, is the only non horror story in this collection. It is a very action packed story. It reminded me so much of those action movies where nothing is really that believable but it is still really entertaining because there is something exciting always happening.

I recommend this book to anyone that really enjoys reading horror books. This book is even on Kindle Unlimited if that is a service that you have. Besides the fact that I enjoyed all these stories in this book, I’m really happy that it has made me want to read more short story collections.


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