Friday Faves

Friday Faves #4


This week has been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to get much blogging done. I only had one post (besides this one) go up this week. I’m almost done with a review for an ARC I received so hopefully that will be up tomorrow. Please bear with me as I figure out a new routine now that my older boys are back in school.

  1. Wednesday was the first day of school and it was so much fun seeing how excited my kids were and hearing all about their day.
  2. I didn’t have time to write any posts this week but I did plan out my next 10 posts.
  3. My husband surprised me with another book case which was so thoughtful and it’s a smaller one that fits all my little paperbacks perfectly.
  4. My one post this week that I did get up I was so happy with because I love the idea of telling you all my most anticipated books for the month. I think it’s another way for you to get to know me and my taste in books better.
  5. I got a couple of books in the mail from Amazon this week that I can’t wait to read. I actually have a huge stack of books that I want to read asap but I keep adding to it so it’s just getting longer haha #readerproblems #bookbuyingproblems

I hope your week was more productive than mine, although I do keep three humans alive and thriving while my husband works crazy hours, so I guess I’m always being productive lol Let me know some of your faves in the comments!



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