Book hauls

July Book Haul Part 2 

*Also known as the Pretty Little Liars Haul. Also known as the post where you find out how crazy I am 😂

I bought every PLL book I didn’t previously own that Book Outlet had. Because they had a sale and there is free shipping over $35. Also, did I mention how disappointed I was in the show. I have put all my PLL energy into collecting and reading this series. I was the person who spend the days between shows reading all the theories on Reddit and trying to connect the dots myself. With the books I can’t really do that because I know some of the main spoiler things but it is fun to be back in the world of Rosewood again. 

I have read the first four books in Arc 1 and I am almost done with the fifth book. I put Unbelievable down to concentrate on the booktubeathon but I will be picking it up again on Monday. So far I’m liking the books more than the show because it is more dark and twisted. 

Have you ever read any of the books? Were you a fan of the show? If you were, how did you feel about the ending? 

*I thought the picture above would be more useful to understand how the books fit together rather than just a picture of all the books I own. Thank you google and the PLL wiki for the picture. 



3 thoughts on “July Book Haul Part 2 

  1. I watched a couple of seasons of the show – I really don’t remember how many – but I was put off after a while because it just kept on being “someone else” and I got sick of it.. I just wanted some kind of closure and PLL just did not deliver, haha.
    I know that’s probably the whole point of the show but I hate it if I end up with more frustrations after every episode..

    I never considered picking up the books because of that, because I’d probably get equally frustrated.. :/


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