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July Book Haul Part One


Some months I hardly buy any books.  Rare months I don’t buy any books.  And then there are those months where I buy all the books.  July was one of those months.  Four are thrift store finds, 1 is a preorder and 2 (one of them is not pictured) are from Amazon.

The show Pretty Little Liars recently ended and I was so disappointed that I have decided that I need to finally read the books. And then I found these two at the thrift store so I took it as a sign that I should start reading them asap.  I already had the first one on my iBooks because it was a free download awhile ago and I have found a couple of the other ones for cheap so I was excited when I found Wicked and Killer.

I picked up Hide And Seek because last month I found one of the books in this series at the Dollar Store. I have never watched the Lying Game show but it sounds intriguing and  they were both cheap so I figured why not.

Also at the thrift store I found A Little Life by Hanya Yangihara which I was probably the most excited about even though I don’t think I will be getting to this book anytime soon.

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware I had preordered because the synopsis gave me strong Pretty Little Liar vibes. I have been gifted her other two books, The Woman In Cabin 10 and A Dark Dark Wood, but I have never read them. I plan on reading this book next week after booktubeathon is over and maybe her other two shortly after that.


I recently read The Shining by Stephen King so I ordered the sequel, Doctor Sleep used off of Amazon. The spine came pretty broken but since I only paid a few dollars for it I’m not too upset by it.  I plan on reading this in October.

Let me know if you have read any of these and what you thought of them. Part 2 of this haul will be coming in a couple of days.




7 thoughts on “July Book Haul Part One

  1. I can’t remember the last month I didn’t buy any books, to be honest.. I always buy way more books than I could possibly read, haha. But hey, wouldn’t be a bookworm if I didn’t do that, haha.
    Haven’t read any of these books yet, though! The Lying Game has been on my TBR-list for a while, but never bought it and.. well, yeah, haha. Doctor Sleep is a book I do want to read someday, but I have some other books of his lying around so I’d like to read those first. [And The Shining freaked me out. A lot.]


  2. I’ve recently discovered my love of Stephen King, but I haven’t read Doctor Sleep yet. I’m reading Pet Semetary in August and IT in September/October and I can’t wait for those. Not particularly looking forward to carrying all of nearly 1400 of IT when I finally do start to read it haha. The things we do for love 😂


    1. When you are carrying IT around you will also be able to say you are working out 😂 That is an impressively huge book! I saw the movie a long time and remember liking it so the book is definitely on my list to get if I ever find it for cheap haha

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