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Naughty Girl by Cassie Cassell

*Thank you to Give Me Books PR for gifting me an ARC in exchange for my honest review.


Title: Naughty Girl

Author: Cassie Cassell

Genre: Steamy Instalove Romance

Tropes: Forbidden Age Gap/Forced Proximity Romance

Release Date: May 11, 2023



Hell hath no fury like a woman who’s been cheated on… again and again. 

I’ve had it. I dated Alex for six months, and he cheated on me… with my roommate. 

Now, I’m over him. And to finally avenge his stupid behavior, I’m about to do some misbehaving of my own… with his hot dad. 

Of course this won’t be a sacrifice… Rhett is about the sexiest man who’s walked Earth. He’s also my boss—and the man I’ll gladly hand my V-card to. 


When an unexpected guest arrives at my doorstep during my trip abroad, I didn’t expect her to be Riley, wearing shorts that make me drool. 

I see Riley at work, where she’s always dressed appropriately. 

This is supposed to be my time. 

Every year, I take a week off to celebrate my birthday. And now, because of a misunderstanding, I have to share my space with this young, hot girl who forgot the basic rules of modesty.

Lucky for her… so have I. 

She has a dirty birthday celebration planned for me… and I’ll pay her in kind. 

Once the weekend is over, we’ll see who gets the better gift. 



Naughty Girl was a really fun and smutty novella. The first half of the story takes place on a remote tropical island and I loved the setting. I liked the latter half of the story less when it moved to an office setting but that’s also when the story gained a lot of its heart.

Riley was an entertaining character who at first was just reacting to being cheated on but once she developed feelings for Rhett she started maturing and realizing things about herself. The premise of the story is zany but the way Cassell handled it was well done. And Rhett was everything you would want in a male MC in this type of story. And I found the connection between Riley and Rhett to be believable even if it was extremely fast.

If you are looking for a good time then I highly recommend Naughty Girl. I flew through this story without even realizing how fast I was flipping through the pages. I’m now interested in going back and reading Cassell’s backlist because I had such a great time with this book.


Cassie Cassell writes short dirty romance about characters who can’t keep their hands off each other. She favors mini-stories with low angst, high steam, and fun times—the type to give you a delicious rush of adrenaline on your commute to work or late at night in bed.

She lives in Central Texas with her family.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading thrillers or books that definitely make you blush.

If petting random dogs was a sport, she’d be an Olympic Gold Medalist.

She loves to hear from readers. Connect with her online:






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