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Escape the Readathon: Week 1 Wrap Up

It is now the 8th day of May so I’m here to wrap up what I read for the first 7 days of Escape the Readathon. If you saw my Dewey’s 24hr wrap up you will know that I was dealing with some health issues so I didn’t really read for the first few days of the month. But I still managed to read three books and start three more.

One of them is for my IRL bookclub and while I’m not enjoying it I was at least able to get some stuff done while listening to it.

This book is very highly rated but I am not connecting at all with the main character or the story.


I have ARC’s of The Boyfriend Candidate and Dead of Winter. I will have my review up tomorrow for The Boyfriend Candidate since that is its publication date. Dead of Winter comes out in July so look out for my review then. Both of those were 4.5 star reads for me. I went into The Getaway thinking that it was a thriller, which it is, but I had no idea that it was dystopian. This was a fun and unique read that deals with some heavy themes. I think this is one of those books that would be great to teach in a classroom setting because it could spark lots of ideas and conversations.

Currently Reading

I have an ARC of Naughty Girl that I will be reviewing on Thursday. It is a short and steamy novella that I have been flying through. I started The Housemaid because I keep hearing so many incredible things about it and so far it is living up to the hype. I am loving both of these so much that I will probably have them done either today or tomorrow.

The Prompts

My team hit our first door this week. Actually, I think all the teams hit a door so we could see how the readathon works. Once you hit a door each team is given two prompts and only one of them is the correct one to unlock the door. And you need to have a certain number of books read for that specific prompt for the door to unlock. I was lucky that one of our prompts was a host fave because Cailey, one of my team leaders, loves Darcy Coates and I was already toward the end of the book when we hit the door. Once I submitted that book I focused on the other prompt which was a book with no white on the cover. Since I wasn’t feeling the best I have been reading almost exclusively on my Kindle so I just scrolled until I saw a book I was interested in that had no white. Which is how I ended up reading The Getaway and I’m really happy about it since I don’t know when I would have picked it up otherwise. My team ended up unlocking the door before I could finish The Getaway but I was able to submit it under the regular mood reading form so it still counts toward my team goal of trying to clear another room. We won’t find out until the end of the readathon which of the prompts actually unlocked the door which I think is fun.


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