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May TBR: Escape the Readathon

I’ve mentioned before that I love to watch TBR games on YouTube and one of my favorites is Lexie’s Escape the TBR. And this month she is hosting a readathon based on her game called Escape the Readathon. It is a Discord based readathon and it involves a lot of mood reading with a couple of prompts popping up whenever you get to a door. I will leave the link here where she explains the readathon and has the link you need to join if it sounds fun. I am on team film crew and it has been fun trying to move through the rooms and unlock the doors.

Instead of doing weekly roundup posts on Wednesday’s (which I’ve been failing at lately), I thought I would wrap up this readathon on a weekly basis. Since most of it is mood reading and my goal is to focus a lot on review copies I have been reading some great books. I also want to share what I picked for the prompts when we got to a locked door. So I will be back tomorrow (Monday) to talk about all the books that I read during the first 7 days of the month.

Also, the end of this month is a long weekend edition of The Final Book Support Group but I will put together a TBR for that closer to the start date.


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