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Juniper Holiday Cozy Mystery Series Review

The final book in the Juniper Holiday series was released on Saturday and like every other book in this series I flew through it in less than a day. Which is a testament to how easy and engaging they are to read but also because they are all novella length stories. But that is the one downside to these fun and zany stories. Because they are so short there isn’t often time to develop the side characters and other tendrils of story just get left hanging.

Each story starts on the day of the holiday referenced in the title and cover but most of the stories move on quickly from the holiday. Juniper is an eccentric older and extremely wealthy older lady who enjoys throwing festive parties for the town. Unfortunately for Juniper there always ends up being a murder or dead body that interrupts the revelry. And investigating the crime is Detective Mallard who rubs Juniper the wrong way and leads to many amusing and chuckle inducing moments between the two of the them. Also assisting Juniper is her god-daughter, Tori, and a few ghosts that live in Juniper’s mansion.

The first and fifth books were my favorite in the series but each book was entertaining even if I wanted more from them. I had fun reading these around each holiday (even though the New Year’s Eve one came out weeks after the fact) but I think they could be read at anytime. Since the holidays just serve as the catalyst for having everyone get together it isn’t necessary to read them around the festive time.


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