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Bloodline Vampire Series by Katee Robert

Content Warnings: Each book summary on Goodreads has a list

The Bloodline Vampire series is a trilogy of short novella length vampire why choose books with gorgeous covers. I adore the creative worlds that Roberts creates even if they are more smut than substance. This series follows Mina, who is half vampire half human, who is sent by her bloodline vampire father to Malachi, another bloodline vampire, to be his source of blood and potentially to get pregnant to combine the bloodlines. And of course Mina and Malachi have an attraction they can’t ignore that gets more interesting when Malachi’s friends show up. Wolf and Rylan are also bloodline vampires who all have a long history together.

I really enjoyed the bloodline aspect of this story. Each bloodline has a special ability that is unique to their line that makes them powerful. There are also some other mystical elements of this story that are fascinating and even a side story that leads to another Katee Robert series. The why choose element of this story was also well done which isn’t surprising since this is a Katee Robert series. I loved the dynamics between all four of them. Mina developed a relationship with each man separately and it was fun to see how her relationship with each one worked within the group dynamic. And also how the history of the men played out within the group.

However, despite the short length of each book these books did drag at times. Mina is constantly doubting herself and it gets very repetitive and boring. Also, the were some great action that could have turned into more and instead it just fell flat more than once. I’m also not convinced that Mina had any character development and instead just relied on the men and never flourished.

The first two books both left on cliffhangers that despite my issues with the books made me want to keep reading. Robert’s A Deal with a Demon series is a spinoff of this series and I’m intrigued to see some of the tendrils of story teased in this series in those books.

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