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The Final Book Support Group Wrap Up

This past Saturday and Sunday was the weekend edition of The Final Book Support Group. I had put 8 books on my list and I read four of them. Granted it was two short books, one manga and one 500 page book. But that was also in addition to my finishing my reads for Camp Spoopathon so it was the most reading heavy weekend I’ve had in a long time.

Missing is the best book I’ve read so far in my rereading of the Fear Street series. It was published in 1989 so it was very outdated and there was an on page murder of a dog but the twist was one that I didn’t see coming and I absolutely loved. I didn’t start getting into this series until I was around 10 so I have awhile to go until I catch up to the books I was reading as they came out.

And the reward for the worst book of year is preemptively going to Power Play. I was putting off reading this because I knew it was going to be fat phobic but WOW I was still unprepared for the level of fat shaming in this book. It was disgusting and the only reason I kept reading is that I want to be able to say that I have read all the Sweet Valley books. Again this is another book published in the last 80’s (which doesn’t excuse how disgustingly it portrayed plus sized Robin) so it will be awhile until I catch up to where I started reading from. This was my absolute favorite series as a preteen/ teenager and I knew I would find them outdated but I don’t recall them being so gross in their portrayal of certain characters. I’m hoping that by the time I get to the later 90’s that the series has chilled out on the fat phobia since I don’t remember it having any. The one redeeming quality of this book was the side story featuring Lila. I gave this book one star which is my first (and hopefully only) of the year.

I was meaning to read volumes 5, 6, and 7 of Tokyo Ghoul but I only got to the first volume before I ran out of time. Last time I talked about this series I said that I hoped it picked up and it definitely did. I’m enjoying where the story is going and I’m eager to pick up the next two volumes that I have.

I absolutely adore the Madison Kate series. Fake is a reverse harem dark romance and this book built up the momentum for the final book in the series that I’m really hoping to pick up soon. My TBR is pretty full but if I can I would love to finish this series off asap. Especially since all the books in this series have had explosive endings and I still can’t believe what Tate James did at the end of this one. I read this five hundred page book in pretty much one sitting which was so easy for me since I find this world so engrossing.


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