Camp Spoopathon Wrap Up

I had a great time reading some spooky books last week for Camp Spoopathon. This was a readathon where points mattered so you can defeat the killer and because of that I had to read two books for one prompt so I could get to the points threshold. I also spent the weekend trying to read some books for The Final Book Support group (wrap up coming tomorrow) so I technically didn’t finish the last book for this readathon until this morning but I still think I had a successful reading week.

After posting my TBR I realized that I I couldn’t get The Sad Ghost Club through my library’s hoopla so I changed it to Sheets. This was a really sad graphic novel that ended on a hopeful note. I gave the story four stars but overall I gave it five stars because I really loved the art style.

The second ghostly book that I read was Where They Wait. I had previously started this but I decided to finish it this week when I realized it included ghosts and I needed the points. I loved the way this book slowly unraveled and since I don’t usually read synopsis anymore I was pleasantly surprised at the supernatural elements of the story. I also love how this story plays with memory and technology using things that we are currently dealing with to make the story feel realistic.

Since The Good Neighbor and The Last to Vanish are both Netgalley books I will have full reviews for them coming up later this week.

Deity was another roller coaster addition to the Six Stories series. This one deals heavily with celebrity culture, the me too movement, and how mainstream media tries to/does influence the way stories are told. I gave this one four stars because as much as I enjoyed it, I wasn’t as engrossed in the story like I usually am. There is one more book in this series and I have my fingers crossed that it will be one that I devour.


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