The Final Book Support Group Wrap Up

Yesterday wrapped up the two week readathon for The Final Book Support Group where you’re supposed to read as many sequels as you can. I didn’t fully concentrate on only reading sequels but I did manage to knock six books of my series list. And I started a book on Saturday that will actually finish a series when I finish reading it later today. I don’t think I ever said, but I decided to mood read this month instead of making a TBR and I think it’s going very well for me. Granted, most things I’m reading are on the smaller side, but I’m averaging a book a day so far this month. I’m not sure how long that is going to last but I’m pretty happy to spend almost all my free time reading right now so maybe I will stick to mood reading for the foreseeable future.

Currently Reading

I have previously read the second and third book in the Hearthstone series but I never read the one that started it all. It’s been awhile since I read a Saffron Kent book and she writes some of the most memorable sex scene I have ever read. This is an age gap, dark romance and deals with some very heavy topics but primarily suicide and depression. Our hero is a psychiatrist and our heroine is a patient at the mental health facility. The other two books in the series start off with the heroines already knowing the heroes and this one is them meeting for the first time and I don’t like it as much. It is still good and I enjoy Saffron Kent so much and I’m happy to be back in one of her worlds. I would have this one done by now but I forgot to charge my Kindle while I was sleeping so it is currently charging right now.


I absolutely love all the Six Stories books and I think I only have two more left before I finish the series. Although, I hope I’m wrong and Matt Wesolowski keeps writing them. This one was very atmospheric and I loved how our perceptions of the people involved changed as more of the story was unfolding.

Playing with Fire and The Surprise Party are both from my childhood favorite series that I want to read/reread. Both of these I started in the middle of the series so it is has been fun going back and reading these books from the beginning. I didn’t enjoy the fat shaming that was prevalent in Playing with Fire and it is kind of unbelievable that even back in the 80’s that was deemed acceptable. I didn’t start reading the series until around 1999/2000 so I do have a while to go until I catch up to those books. I was pleasantly surprised by The Surprise Party. I enjoyed that we got dual narrators and I wasn’t expecting the twists the story took at the end. The story did feel dated but I figured it would going in so I found those aspects more amusing than annoying.

John Doe Cold Case is the second in Procedural Crime series and I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. I only gave the first book in this series 2 stars but I really liked this one and gave it four stars. I feel like the author did a much better job weaving in the supernatural aspects with the actual plot. I wanted to continue this series because I’m very intrigued by the overall story and I’m happy that I decided to pick up the next book. I don’t think the third book comes out until the end of the year and I hope I remember to pick it up.

I appreciate so much that Alice Oseman deals with some heavy topics in Heartstopper and I’m looking forward to how she wraps up the series.

As a Clue super fan I really enjoyed In the Study with the Wrench and I can’t wait to get my hands on the last book in the trilogy so I can read it asap. Compared to Truly Devious and A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder this series isn’t as strong but I love all the elements that callback to the iconic Clue movie. There is one side plot that I was hoping would get wrapped up in this book and it wouldn’t go into the next but that didn’t happen.


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