Stitching Saturday 3.26.22

It’s been a month since I updated because I have been working on the same projects all month and haven’t completed a single goal. I was hoping to at least finish my February WIPGO goal but that didn’t happen. April’s WIPGO numbers are released tomorrow so I’ll have to share those next week. I will pause working on my March pieces so I can start on those as soon as the month begins. I feel like I’m confusing myself so hopefully sharing my progress pictures will make more sense.


This is my first March WIPGO piece and my goal is to get to 25%. I started at 2% and made it to a whole 5.4%. Now that the border work is done for right now I’m enjoying working on the inside design. Once I finish my February piece I will be alternating between this piece and the next so I can keep making progress on them until I complete my goal.

This project was very frustrating because I actually had to rip a lot back because of counting errors. I’m not upset that I made the mistakes because I feel like it is a symptom of my disease and I can tell that my brain fog has had massive improvement recently. But when I’m trying to reach a goal and I make progress that I have to then rip out it can be discouraging. A couple of the mistakes I left in but I still think it is coming along beautifully and I’m enjoying the different motifs. I started this at 2% and I’m now at 6.6% trying to get to 25%.

This is my focus project for the year to finish it. Which is on track since we are just about done with the first three months of the year and I’m at 24.65% done. I do hope to pick up the pace on this one but so far I’m happy with my progress. I have decided to put this on a hoop to help stretch it out. I prefer to stitch in hand because it’s easier on my arms but this is such a small piece that I don’t think it will matter too much.

This is the infamous February WIPGO project I keep mentioning. My goal is to finish the first page which is a tiny bit more of the witch and moon plus the end of her broomstick, another bat, and the tip of the creepy house. I’ve decided to make this my morning stitch next week which should give me enough momentum to finish the page. I always say it but this is a deceptively large amount of stitching but it is more than worth it.

This is the full coverage project for the “bike around Germany” challenge and I need 1,840 stitches for this leg of the journey. I only managed 601 stitches (before I started working on it today) so this is another project that will stay in my rotation for awhile. I decided to try the parking method which I’m now obsessed with and will be converting all my full coverages too. Except for my year piece because it is so small. I am working on going across the entire top column across the first page in ten by ten blocks and then I will be working on the second column and so on.



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