WWW Wednesday 3.2.22

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What are you currently reading?

I was looking through my Netgalley to see what I still need to review and I saw The Man Who Lived Underground so I decided to start reading it. I believe Richard Wright wrote this novel in the early 1940’s and it wasn’t until last year that it was ever published. It is about a man who is tortured until he signs a confession that he killed the people living next to the house he was working at and manages to escape to the sewers of Chicago. I’m a third of a way through this pretty short book and it is a difficult one to read especially knowing that 80 years after Wright wrote this not a lot has changed. I have no idea where this story is going to go now that we are in the sewer but I am so happy that I decided to finally pick it up.

Now that we finished The Island of Dr. Libris together my son and I are reading The Golden Compass. I probably won’t mention this book again until we finish it but I thought I would add since I am currently reading it.

I don’t know if it is because I’m such a character driven reader of if everyone has such an intense connection to Jude in A Little Life but I am so wrapped up in the highs and lows of his life that I’m glad that I’m only reading a chapter of this a day. To be fair some of the chapters are pretty long but I feel like if I was to read anymore of this in a day it would really affect my mental health. I’m a third of the way through this book and there are a lot of trigger warnings including graphic scenes of cutting amongst other disturbing subject matter. Jude has gone through some horrific things and there is still more being alluded too and I’m dreading getting to those parts. However, interspersed with some of the darker elements are some beautiful moments in Jude’s life and I think that is the only reason I’m able to keep going with this book. Which is a real testament to Yanagihara’s writing that these characters feel so incredibly real to me that I am having trouble remembering that this is a work of fiction.

What have your recently finished?

I started off my March TBR by reading two volumes of Heartstopper. These books fulfilled the Apollo prompt which is to read something that makes you happy. And Nick and Charlie are definitely sweet and it is heartwarming seeing them fall in love. However, these two volumes deal with some heavy topics like bullying, cutting and an eating disorder so please check out the trigger warnings before picking this series up.

I am so annoyed at The Spanish Love Deception because I was loving this book so much and I thought it would be a new favorite but then we got to the end and it just didn’t end! It kept going and going and was way too much. I still gave this four stars because I really loved when they were in Spain and the way they were with each other. This was Elena Armas’s debut novel so I hope that she reigns in the desire to overwrite everything and has a stronger second novel. Which has the close proximity trope so I have my fingers crossed that I will love it.

My son who is in the target audience of this book liked The Island of Dr. Libris but I really didn’t like it. And it has the opposite problem of The Spanish Love Deception where it ends so suddenly and uses cheap cop opts to resolve an aspect of the story that didn’t even need to be there in the first place. It also made no sense at the end. I gave this 2 stars because my son did like it and he is who it is written for but I think this is more of a 1 star read.

I read the last half of the Sweet Valley High series many times when I was a teenager but this was my first time reading the book that started it all, Double Love. I was so shocked when I started this to realize that this series started way back in 1983! For being as old as it is there are definitely outdated elements but I was surprised at how much was going on in this tiny little book. It was also interesting to see the formatting since this one was almost exclusively told through one of the twin’s perspectives. This was a fun read and I’m looking forward to continuing on with the series. 3 stars.

And then we get to what is now one of my favorite all time books, Flowers for Algernon. Wow, this book is incredible. The ending was not what I thought it would be and yet it was even more painful than I thought it would be. I finished this over the weekend and I still feel like I wouldn’t be able to write a coherent review for this book. As heartbreaking as this book is I know that I will reread this more than a few times in my life. Its themes and ideas it confronts the readers with are so thought provoking and I also feel a kinship to keep reading Charlie much like I do Jude. This is another book with a lot of trigger warnings but one that is an easier read than A Little Life.

What do you think you will read next?

I am in the mood for something lighter after all these heavy reads so I decided to go with a YA book I need to review from my TBR. It is

This comes out March 29

Myra Whitlock has a gift. One many would kill for.

She’s an artist whose portraits alter people’s real-life bodies, a talent she must hide from those who would kidnap, blackmail, and worse in order to control it. Guarding that secret is the only way to keep her younger sister safe now that their parents are gone. 

But one frigid night, the governor’s wife discovers the truth and threatens to expose Myra if she does not complete a special portrait that would resurrect the governor’s dead son. Desperate, Myra ventures to his legendary stone mansion. 

Once she arrives, however, it becomes clear the boy’s death was no accident. Someone dangerous lurks within these glittering halls. Someone harboring a disturbing obsession with portrait magic. 

Myra cannot do the painting until she knows what really happened, so she turns to the governor’s older son, a captivating redheaded poet. Together, they delve into the family’s most shadowed affairs, racing to uncover the truth before the secret Myra spent her life concealing makes her the killer’s next victim.

From Sing Me Forgotten author Jessica S. Olson comes a gothic fantasy murder mystery perfect for fans of Kerri Maniscalco and Erin A. Craig.


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