February Wrap Up

February was a pretty good reading month for me. Most of the books that I completed were on the smaller size but I’m currently reading two tomes and loving them. I’m reading a chapter a day of A Little Life so I’m not sure when I will finish it but hopefully next month. And wow is that book beautifully written but also very heartbreaking. I will definitely be finishing House of Sky and Breath next month and I’m not ready for it because I know I’m going to want to the third book asap. I also have a couple of smaller books that I’m carrying over into March but those I hope to finish within the first week of the month. Let’s jump back into what I actually finished in February.

Books Read: 15

Best Book

The Rest

Polarthon Wrap Up

Last Duke Standing by Julia London



6 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

  1. 15? You have been busy! And these are some awesome books, too.. I can’t wait to read Shiver, Through the Woods, and Once Upon a Broken Heart.
    Thanks for sharing, Cassie, and happy reading!

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    1. Haha yes I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately 😅 Ooo I really loved all three of those! I actually plan on rereading Once Upon A Broken Dream when the sequel comes out later this year because I loved it so much 😀

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      1. That sounds nice.. I’ve been doing a lot less reading lately. 😵‍💫
        And a reread is one heck of a recommendation! I heard about the sequel and decided to wait until it was released.. I have plenty of other reads to keep me busy until then. 😋

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      2. Maybe one day we’ll be able to upload the books directly into our brains.. It’ll destroy the magic in reading but we’d at least have a chance of clearing our TBRs. 😅

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