Stitching Saturday 5.8.21

I’m excited about today’s post because the first week of Stitch Maynia is in the bag and I have a week of starts to share with you! You can see the days where I was feeling good/had more time to stitch because a couple of days I barely did anything. I wasn’t sure if I was going to want to cross stitch every day but I have really been loving everything that I have been working on. That may change since there is still a lot of month left so I may work on other stuff during the month but for right now I’m enjoying Stitch Maynia more than I thought I would. I also am finally going to be sharing my completed Pajama Cardigan. But first let’s go over what I stitched on this week.

May 1- Stitching with the Housewives 4th of July Cup

May 2- Sew Berry Sweet by WhiteHouseStitchery

May 3- Peep by Stitching with the Housewives

May 4- Hallow’s Eve Haunting by Autumn Lane Stitchery

May 5- 12 days of Christmas by Plum Street Sampler (freebie chart)

*I will link the blog post where the pattern is shared here so you can go check it out if you are interested in stitching this one. I have decided to stitch each day separately and make them ornaments. I also am not going to stitch the Dec 25 date for the first day block and instead I will put the year I finish it instead.

May 6- Spring by Little Stitch Girl (freebie)

*I will link here where you can see all of Little Stitch Girl’s freebies.

May 7- Up on the Housetop by Stitching with the Housewives

*I need to rip out that little part on the snowflake right under the U because I miscounted.

Pajama Cardigan

My first finished garment! It isn’t perfect but I’m so proud of it and I can’t wait for Fall to roll around so I can start wearing it. My cardigan ended up being more of a flyaway cardigan because I somehow made the two front panels longer than the front. The pattern doesn’t specify if it is for a beginner or intermediate knitter but I think you should be a pretty confident knitter to attempt this pattern because not a lot is explained. My sleeves came out pretty well but they are supposed to have a section that is the same textured pattern that the back and pockets have but the way I interpreted the pattern I ended up knitting the whole sleeve before I got to that part. It also had no instructions on how to stitch it together so I ended up using my other cardigan pattern to help me finish this one. For a paid for pattern I would have hoped to have everything clearly explained especially since my other cardigan pattern is one that I paid for and it is extremely basic and yet has way more instructions.

I know that last week I was hoping to finish my other cardigan but I am still working on the last sleeve. I didn’t expect my infusion to take so much out of me and I am slowly building my strength back up and mornings have been especially hard. I am needing to sleep more to recover but sleeping for more than five/six hours makes my spasticity worse which is frustrating. Hopefully as the month progresses my spasticity will continue to improve and I will be able to do more. With that I am going to say that I will have my Uptown Cardigan done next Saturday because that gives me a goal to work towards. Plus, I am almost done with the second sleeve so there really isn’t a lot left to do on this one.



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