Stitching Saturday 4.17.21

Happy Weekend everyone! I thought it would be fun to share some of the shows that I have been watching while I knit and/or cross stitch. I do watch Youtube half the time but the other half of the time I am working my way through one show or another. I have really enjoyed all the ones that I watched recently so I thought I would share them in case you are also looking for a new show. Which, if you are a crafter, you probably are since there is no better time to watch something then when your hands are busy.

Before we get into that though I did want to share that I am (almost) officially done knitting my Pajama Cardigan! I say almost because I haven’t decided if I want to add the button band or not. I want to see what it looks like all put together first but I’m so excited to be nearing the finish line. I am going to work on stitching it all together this weekend and then block it. In a couple of weeks I get my first infusion of medicine for my disease, MOG, and I am fully planning on wearing this cardigan with some leggings since it is a six hour appointment. If all goes to plan then I will be sharing my finish of this next week.

Since I am done knitting on my Pajama Cardigan I had to decide what I wanted my next morning stitch to be and I ended up going with my Uptown Cardigan. I was going back and forth a lot on if I wanted to work on another cardigan but it is my oldest WIP (work in progress) and so I decided to just go for it so I can get it off my needles. I finished the first front panel and I started the second one since picking it up in the mornings a couple of days ago. I almost picked my Slipstravaganza shawl since I not only really want to wear it but I think Stephen West does yearly mystery KAL’s (knit a-long) every August or September so I would really love to be done with this one so I can fully concentrate on participating in the next one.

TV Shows

This is an Apple TV original and very creepy and well done. This has turned into one of my favorite shows I’ve ever watched. I took a break after watching the first season but I plan on starting the second season this weekend. I’m a little nervous that I won’t like the second season as much as the first which is why I’ve been putting off watching it. Fingers crossed I love it just as much!

This Netflix show gives me Stranger Things vibes so if you are missing that show as much as me then I highly suggest giving this one a watch. It is a supernatural Sherlock Holmes show and I really loved all the characters so much. The ending had me crying and I hope they announce a second season soon.

I also really love PBS shows and I haven’t taken the time to watch them in the past few years so I have been going back and watching some of them. This is a great crime solving one and they take two episodes to solve one case. There will be a second season of this one but I don’t know if they have a date for filming it yet.

This PBS show has three seasons and I have recently finished the first season. This show has a lot of political intrigue and machinations but it also focuses a lot on some of the pop culture things that came out of Victorian times. I don’t know how factually accurate it is but the episodes fly by and I will be going back and watching the second season soon.



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