Stitching Saturday #2

This is my first stitching update of the year! I had reviews that were already scheduled for the last couple of Saturdays but I hope to be more regular with these posts. I also won’t be sharing any progress updates today because I got caught up in cleaning and organizing our playroom today and I lost the sun. Next Saturday I will be showing pictures of all the things I’m working on as well as telling you how many days I worked on it. For today I thought it would be beneficial to share some of my favorite flosstubers (youtubers who cross stitch) so if you are interested in cross stitch you can get a better idea of what this community is about.

Country Stitchers

These ladies are incredibly knowledgeable about everything cross stitch and I also learn something new when watching them. The video that I am sharing of theirs is a beginning to cross stitch video that I think is incredibly helpful.

Modern Folk Embroidery

Jacob has the most beautiful cross stitch designs that I have seen. He is unique because he does these gorgeous pieces using only one color and they are stunning. All of his designs are on my wishlist and the only reason I haven’t bought one is because I can’t decide which one to get first!

Country Cottage Stitchers

Heather and Janet are a mother daughter duo and I love watching them. They have such great chemistry together and I love their banter.

Pumpkin Hollow Quilts

Olivia has such a nice calming way about her and I really enjoy her videos. She also has some beautiful pieces that she is working on and I look forward to seeing her progress in every video.

Darvanalee Design Studio with Nicole Reed

Nicole is from Queensland, Australia and she has such an outgoing and fun personality. She also does a great job of interacting with her subscribers and does a lot of livestream stitch with me’s along with preformed stitch with me’s. Which are my favorite videos because with Covid and not being able to hang out in person it really does feel like you are stitching with a friend. Nicole also does diamond painting so if you are interested in what that is then I highly recommend her channel because she also has diamond paint with me. I just bought my first diamond paint because of her because I want to try me hand at it and see if I enjoy it.

I follow a lot more flosstubers but I thought this was a great sampling of what is out there. I hope that if you were interested in cross stitching but weren’t aware of how big the community is that you found this post helpful.



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