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2020 Reading and Blog Goals Update

Way back in January I made a list of book related and blogging goals that I wanted to work on this year. Today I’m going to check in and see how I have been doing with them.

Reading Goals

  1. Read 120 books. I can’t believe I am writing this but I finished my 120th book last week! I never imagined that I would have read so many books HALF WAY through the year. I have never in my life read more than 141 books in a year which I’m going to obviously blow past this year. As excited as I am, I also know that the biggest reason why is because of my health issues and the fact that I am limited on how active I am. Books are also just a great comfort for the dumpster fire that is 2020.
  2. Read more big books. This has been a big fail. I have only read three and two of them weren’t even ones I started this year. This is for sure something I need to be better out this latter half of the year.
  3. Read a variety of genres. This is also another one that I need to make more of an effort with. My top two genres are romance and mystery/thrillers. The first half of the year romance made up 50.5% of my reading!!! Mysteries/thrillers made up 17.1%. Which means only 32.4% of my reading is anything other than my top genres. I hope when it comes time to wrap up my year I have moved this number closer to the 50% line.
  4. Read more plays and poetry. I have read one play and one book of poetry. I do have a couple more books of poetry that I am planning on reading soon. I was recently watching CarolynMarieReads on Youtube and she read a Shakespeare play while listening to it and that seems like something I would enjoy doing.
  5. Read one classic a month. Finally, another goal I’m actually doing good on! Over the past six months I have read 8 classics.
  6. Stick to my TBR’s. Right below this list I will have a break down of how many books I read from each month’s TBR.
  7. Read at least one Kindle Unlimited book a month. I kind of forgot about this one so I haven’t been doing this the past few months. I think I’ve only read five which is just awful. I’m so annoyed at myself!!
  8. Read more Kindle books. I was obviously not anticipating how much I would come to rely on my Kindle. There are many days where reading physical books is uncomfortable or at times painful, so my Kindle has been a great resource. 67.9% of my reading this year has been on my Kindle.

TBR Breakdown

January: 6 books picked. 5 read.

February: 7 books picked. 6 read.

March: 7 books picked. 5 read.

April: 7 books picked. 1 read. 1 DNF.

May: 10 books picked. 5 read.

June: 12 books picked. 7 read. 1 currently reading

Blog Goals

  1. Update my blog consistently. I have been doing a good job of this. I started my blog in 2017 but I didn’t devote consist time to it until 2019. This year I have been updating my blog at least a few days a week and I’m happy that I have kept it a priority.
  2. Review every book that I read. I feel like I do this around 80% of the time. There is room for improvement but I am also happy that the number is so high.
  3. Tweak my website. I was working on this the first few months of the year but it is something that I have stopped completely even thinking about it. I know for sure one thing that I would like to do before the year is over is to add a picture of me so I’m just not a gray circle when I comment on people’s blogs.




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