Tomorrow my May book haul is being posted and all today I just felt uncomfortable with publishing it during the ongoing protests. I thought about adding something at the beginning of that post but to me it felt like a disclaimer and this topic, this movement, this injustice is way more important than that. So I am writing this today to help raise awareness of the absolutely cold blooded murder of George Floyd and all despicable police brutality that so many black people unjustly face. All you need to do to see that police brutality is real is watch the protests and how so many cops are overreacting to people using their rights to protest, to speak their mind, to video tape, to walk where they want etc. Racism and police brutality are nothing new but thanks to social media there is now evidence and people can no longer turn a blind eye (I’m paraphrasing Will Smith). I hope so much that these protests lead to real change and the police start being held accountable for their terrible choices and behavior. For that to happen though, those other cops who participated or just simply stood by while George Floyd was murdered need to be arrested. It is shameful that our justice system is telling the world that they don’t care about black lives. I will never understand how the police can pull over black people at a disproportionate rate but yet there is actual video evidence of police murdering someone and the courts are dragging their feet on putting out arrest warrants.

I am going to share a master Twitter thread down below where you can learn more, links to petitions and links to places to donate. *This is also where I got the graphic that is above.* Last week my husband and I donated to the George Floyd fund and this morning we donated to bailing out protesters in the Bay Area.  It is not enough but I hope it makes a difference in whatever small way it can.

BLM Master Thread



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