Podcast Recommendations

I thought I would do something a little different today and share some of my favorite podcasts. I know after so many weeks of quarantine that we are reaching the point where some new entertainment might be helpful. Since mysteries and thrillers are my favorite genre I’m sure you know that this list is going to be very true crime heavy but I do have some other ones that I love as well. I have broken them down into different categories for no other reason than I just love organization!

*All of the links I’m sharing are for Apple Podcasts but I mostly listen to my podcasts on Spotify.

Daily Podcasts

These are short ones that I listen to while I’m getting ready in the morning. I feel like it is a great way for me to start my day off and I enjoy having them as a part of my routine.

Morning Mindset This is a roughly five minute daily Christian devotional that I think does a great job of sharing God’s message.

NPR News Now I love that this a quick and easy way to get the headlines from around the world. I read my local paper first thing in the morning and later on in the day I use my google app to get new stories that are tailored to my interests. I don’t watch the news that often but I do enjoy reading what’s going on in the world.

Today in True Crime To be honest I’m not a fan of the way this podcast sometimes tells the stories but I do like the stories they share. They do some really interesting ones involving historical events and not all of them involve murder. Some of the stories can be pretty graphic though so just be aware of that going in.


These are probably the ones I listen to the least but I thought I would throw them out there in case someone is interested.

Read Me Romance The hosts of this podcast are my favorite part and I really enjoy listening to them talk. Tessa Bailey and Alexa Riley are the hosts and they talk about their lives, about their writing, about pop culture, and basically anything and everything. The whole premise of this podcast though is that they share parts of a romance audiobook so its a great free way to listen to books. I’m not big into audiobooks which is why I like the parts with the hosts the most. Also, this podcast has an amazing theme song that is always stuck in my head.

Fated Mates I think this podcast does a great job of celebrating romance novels. I enjoy listening to the hosts (one is an author) just discuss books and even host read-alongs. If you are a lover of romance then I think this is a great podcast for you.

True Crime

*This is the one that I am currently listening to.

Bear Brook This is the one that I am currently listening to so I can’t say too much about it. I had never heard of this case before and I am finding it fascinating. I hope that the end has some a satisfying conclusion.

The Teacher’s Pet I listened to this one so fast because I couldn’t believe how crazy this story is. At the surface this Australian story seems just to be about a missing mother but it is so much more. This story involves an outrageous sex scandal at a school involving multiple (!!!!!) teachers and students and the whole thing is almost hard to believe. Parts of this case are still ongoing even though Lyn has been missing for around 40 years.

S-Town There is some controversy surrounding this one but I still think it is a fascinating story of a man named John. John contacted the host of the podcast about a story he thought should be told involving the crimes being covered up in his town. What this podcast evolves into was so unexpected to me and it really dives into the life and world of John. There is a lawsuit against the host and producers of the podcast for making money off the life of John.



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