Life Update + Giveaway Winner

Hey! I have been thinking about updating this space the past couple of days because I know that I went radio silent once the new year started. I had so many posts planned with my end of the year/start of the year content but unfortunately life has gone not according to plan. Last month I starting experiencing some symptoms regarding my legs and they got worse and then stayed relatively the same so I went to a walk in clinic (there is surprisingly no Urgent Care in my small town) who referred me to the hospital for tests. I ended up spending a couple of days in the hospital at the start of the new year where they ran a lot of tests. One of which is a lumbar puncture, which I hope none of you have experienced, but that by itself had me in my in bed for days recovering. I have found out that I have an autoimmune disease and we are working on confirming exactly which one. I feel fairly confident I know what it is but without an official diagnosis I don’t feel comfortable sharing what it is. My main goal right now is just to get that diagnosis so treatment can start. I wanted to share what I have been going though so that if this space goes quiet you will have an idea of what is going on.

Going forward I am not sure how much of my content that I missed I will be posting. It is getting further into January and at some point that content will be outdated. I will try to get some of it out in a timely manner but I also have a lot of current content that I am excited about. Like an entire series that I read (Hades Hangmen) starting while I was in the hospital and finished a few days after I got home. I have read 12 books so far this year which is incredible even if it is for a not great reason. Once I recovered from that horrid lumbar puncture I picked up my first physical book of the year, Little Women, and I have been really enjoying that.

Before I leave you here I just wanted to let wanderingsofabookbird know that she won my Holiday Giveaway. Please email me at bookswithcassieblog@gmail.com so I can get your book sent to you!

I will try to be back next week with my normal Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday posting. And maybe some bonus days with some content I missed. ❤



One thought on “Life Update + Giveaway Winner

  1. Hi Cassie! I’m so sorry you’ve been expieriencing health issues and I’m sending you hugs! Just emailing you now about the giveaway – thank you so much ❤


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