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Escape the Readathon Wk 3 Wrap Up

The beginning of this week has been hectic so I am finally sitting down tonight to wrap up last week’s Escape the Readathon reading. We hit a plot twist that had me picking up a lot of shorter reads but I also finished a couple of novels that I was in the middle of. This weekend there is also a couple of readathons (72 hrs in the smut den and the final book support group) that I want to participate in so we will see if I can combine them at all or if I only read a book or two for each.

Currently Reading

I will either finish Ruthless Sinner tonight or tomorrow and will have a review up for it within the next couple of days.

A House with Good Bones I’m about 70 pages and I’m loving the insidious building of the story but I don’t think the direct narrative style is working for me. I still have more than half the book left so I don’t want to fully declare it a miss for me yet.

I’m about half way through The Lost Hero and I’m loving it. I love the addition of the new characters and the Roman aspects that have been introduced. So far I think I might like this series more than Percy Jackson but I’m only halfway through the first book so that feels like a bold statement to be making so early on.

Ninth House was fantastic! Definitely one of my all time favorite books and I’m so mad that I waited so long to read it. I may start Hell Bent this weekend for Final Book Support Group because I just want to know what is going to happen!

Satan’s Affair was a five star DARK romance novella. I loved how twisted it was and the ending was so good. I didn’t realize that it introduces the male character in Carlton’s most famous duology, Hunting and Haunting Adeline. I recently bought the first book in that series and I’m hoping to get to it next month.

Convenience Store Woman was another five star read. I loved this wonderful and quirky little tale. I own at least one more Murata novel and it has definitely moved up my priority list.

We Need To Do Something and Dear Laura were both ok horror novellas. I gave both two stars. They were both boring and I wouldn’t recommend.

I’m the most disappointed by The Agatha’s. When I first started this book I thought I would love it and then it started to go downhill and then kept digging in lower. I gave this book one star. It was juvenile, unbelievable, repetitive and I could keep going. I wanted to read this one since I got a review copy of the sequel. I’m going to give it a read but I’m hoping that they greatly improved on the first one but I’m ok with dnf’ing if it hasn’t.


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