Recent Reads

Happy Weekend! This month has been unexpectedly hectic so while I’ve been reading lots on my downtime I have been neglecting this space. I’m hoping to play catch up soon but first I thought I would round up everything I’ve recently read and what I’m currently reading this weekend.

Recently finished

All of these books were four to five star reads. I’m in that wonderful bookish time where everything I pick up I’m absolutely loving. Which is probably why all I want to do is read when I have time to myself. The Last Word comes out on Tuesday (although I’ve seen a few people already get a copy from Barnes and Noble) so I will have my review up for it then. Never Let Me Go and Reprieve are separate genres but both left me deeply unsettled. If I can get my thoughts together in a coherent way then I will have reviews up for both of them.

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay

Currently Reading

All three of these books are giving me five star read feels. I’m halfway through Birnam Wood and I’m excited to see the build up of everything come to fruition.

I started Kindred this morning and I’m at the very end. I only have forty or so pages left and this is such a brilliant book.

I was apprehensive if Episode Thirteen would live up to my expectations and so far it is. It took about 100 pages to really get into it but it definitely has some creepy moments. I got to the end of one of the days (parts) and decided to pick up another book because I don’t want the creepiness to end quite yet.


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