November Wrap Up

I didn’t finish anything the first week of November but after that I managed to read 15 things. Most of them were novellas or short stories but it was nice to make some progress on some of the smaller reads that have been on my TBR. I would say most of the books were ok reads and the last book that I finished the night of the 30th was my favorite book of the month. I’ll start with that book and then share all the others including a link to my WWW Wednesday posts where I talk more about each book.

The Best

This was an incredibly powerful and moving story about a group of Korean women divers, haenyeo, living on the island of Jeju. This book follows the friendship between Mi-ja and Young-sook during a lot of political unrest and violence. This book is heartbreaking, at times graphic, and the ending had me crying.

The Rest

11.16.22 Update

11.23.22 Update

11.30.22 Update

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