WWW Wednesday 8.24.22

This weekly meme is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words and all you need to do to participate is answer the following three questions.

What are you currently reading?

Yesterday I decided to pick up Trust because I’ve been finding that I enjoy The House Across the Lake more when I read it in smaller chunks. My mind tends to wander if I read it for too long. However, I’m half way through and I’m still invested in the story enough that depending on any twists and the ending I could still see myself giving this book five stars.

Trust has an interesting concept where we are getting four different perspectives told in different forms about financial genius Benjamin Rask and his wife, Helen. I actually had to look it up because the story feels so realistic but Rask is based on the real life Andrew Bevel and his wife, Mildred. I didn’t want to spoil anything so I haven’t looked up any details on how closely the two stories mirror each other. 

What have you recently finished?

I was watching G from Book Roast’s reading sprints for her Magical 24hr readathon and she announced that a new quest for the Orilum readathon and the prompt was to read a book featuring a game. I have been thinking of picking up The Westing Game recently so I jumped at the chance to read it. This book felt so familiar to me but at the same time I don’t think I ever read it or saw the movie. I loved the mystery and the figuring out of the clues as well as the zany characters. It was written in the late 70’s so it’s outdated but I still thought it was a fun time. 

Small Things Like These is a short little morality story set during Christmas 1985 in Ireland. Keegan’s writing was impeccable and perfectly captured the setting and time of the story in so few words. I was captivated by this haunting tale of a man faced with making a choice to do the right thing even knowing that the consequences will be severe for him and his family. I will definitely be picking up more from Claire Keegan in the future. 

I finished Gallant and gave it 2 stars. Like I said last week, this would have worked better for me as a short story. 

What do you think you’ll read next?

I still haven’t picked up Far Wilder Magic (hopefully I can get to it soon before the end of the month) but I think I need a Fantasy Romance to break up some of the other genres I’ve been reading. 

Forbidden. Powerful. Ruthless. 

Micah the Unwilling, fae King of the Forgotten, can tame even the most violent of beasts. Forged on the battlefield, this iron-willed warrior considers his soldiers his family, and he will stop at nothing to reclaim their dispossessed land. Gearing for war with a sadistic enemy, he is disciplined and focused—until a feral beauty he encountered long ago wanders into his camp. 

Viori de Aoibheall wields a terrifying ability to sing monsters to life. Having spent her childhood in a forest, raising herself and her frightening creations—the only friends she’s ever known—she’s ill prepared for the scarred royal and his fearsome brutality. Not to mention the ferocity of their connection and the carnality of his touch. But the real problem? Her brother is Micah’s greatest foe. And though the sensual king makes her burn, she must stop him, whatever the cost.


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