WWW Wednesday 8.17.22

This weekly meme is hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words and all you need to do to participate is answer the following three questions.

What are you currently reading?

I just started The House Across the Lake this morning so I don’t have many thoughts on it. Riley Sager is my favorite mystery/thriller author and I’m already loving the writing. I’ve seen that people either love this book or hate it and I’m guessing that I’m going to be in the camp that loves it.

I think Gallant would have worked better as a short story. I only have 40 minutes left of the audiobook and right now I’m thinking it’s going to be 2 stars. The writing is beautiful but so repetitive. I don’t mind books that are full of beautiful writing and not a lot of substance but the constant repeating of the same information is driving me crazy. The story being so drawn out has also caused me to lose interest in the story and at this point I’m just hoping for a good resolution.

What have you recently finished?

Bone Deep by Charles Bosworth Jr. & Joel J. Schwartz

I DNF’d Pryor & Cummings pretty quickly after starting it. The author spent so much time in the one and half chapters I read pushing his political viewpoints that I couldn’t stand to read any more.

I really enjoyed In My Dreams I Hold a Knife. It wasn’t my favorite story like this that I’ve read but it was still good. The main reason I gave this book four stars and not five is that some of the flashbacks felt repetitive and not necessary. I’m very intrigued to pick up Winstead’s newest release and will hopefully be getting to it soon.

What do you think you’ll read next?

When Margaret Welty spots the legendary hala, the last living mythical creature, she knows the Halfmoon Hunt will soon follow. Whoever is able to kill the hala will earn fame and riches, and unlock an ancient magical secret. If Margaret wins the hunt, it may finally bring her mother home. While Margaret is the best sharpshooter in town, only teams of two can register, and she needs an alchemist.

Weston Winters isn’t an alchemist–yet. Fired from every apprenticeship he’s landed, his last chance hinges on Master Welty taking him in. But when Wes arrives at Welty Manor, he finds only Margaret and her bloodhound Trouble. Margaret begrudgingly allows him to stay, but on one condition: he must join the hunt with her.

Although they make an unlikely team, Wes is in awe of the girl who has endured alone on the outskirts of a town that doesn’t want her, in this creaking house of ghosts and sorrow. And even though Wes disrupts every aspect of her life, Margaret is drawn to him. He, too, knows what it’s like to be an outsider. As the hunt looms closer and tensions rise, Margaret and Wes uncover dark magic that could be the key to winning the hunt – if they survive that long.


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