Stitching Saturday 6.18.22

I’m back today with a really short update. I’ve been spending most of my time knitting the fjer cardigan by Fiber Tales so I haven’t done much stitching. I do have an exciting goal finish on my “bike around Germany” which is a year long stitching challenge hosted by Full Coverage Fanatics on Facebook.


This is what I was working on for a little bit this afternoon. There is an owl that goes in the middle that I will be working on stitching up next. Then some backstitched cobwebs that go in the corners and this project is done! This was called for WIPGO this month and I would love to actually finish it this month.

This is another WIPGO project that’s almost done. It would be done except for I decide to frog all of the white cake stand that I had stitched. The white next to the trees and buildings is easy to see but the white stand wasn’t. I’ve decided to stitch it using sandcastle by weeks dye works.

I completed all 1,840 stitches I needed for this project. It took me a ridiculously long time and I’m not sure why. I’m a little sad to be moving on from it since u would love to get at least a page finish but I will definitely be stitching on it more this year.


This will be what I start for my next “bike around Germany” stop. I only need 800 stitches for this project which I’m hoping I can finish fairly quickly this summer. It will be the tiniest start since this is such a HUGE project but I do plan on stitching this book by book (or card) at a time plus some bookshelf. The only downside is that I decided last minute to change the fabric I’m stitching this on and my new one won’t be here until July 9. I was going to go with my normal 28 ct evenweave but I decided I wanted to try stitching it on 22 ct Aida and see how I like that.

Since I will have quite a span of time before I start working on my next full coverage I’m going to try hard to whittle down my WIPGO projects so I can have a more manageable set I’m focusing on. Most of that will depend on what projects get called for next month but here’s to hoping I can start crossing stuff off my list!


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