Stitching Saturday 6.11.22

I’m back today with a short update. Like last week, (although I don’t think I mentioned it) the pictures aren’t the best. It has been a wild spring where I live and it has been so overcast and I need to work on figuring out how to take pictures without natural light. I

’ve mostly been knitting this week so I’m only sharing four cross stitch projects. I didn’t bother to take a picture of my knitting since I’m just working on individual pieces for the fjer cardigan and I don’t think it’s very interesting. Once I start assembling it I will definitely share!

I’m really loving how this is turning out. My Wipgo goal was to stitch the top half and I’m almost there! I think I will stitch down to the fence and the word “apple” in apple cider and then call it complete.

I love all the different motifs in this pattern. I go between working on two which is really motivating for me and I think helps me stitch faster. My Wipgo goal for this piece is to get to 25% and I’m currently at 15.4%. Slow and steady with this one!

If you have been around my blog for awhile you might remember that I had originally planned on finishing this piece this year. However, I decided to restart after talking to a friend and since then I have barely worked on it. I did want to throw it in here so I can have a before picture for when I start working on it again in earnest.

I should have done a close up picture of what it looks like currently but I have done a lot of work on this project. I’m stitching it in 10 by 10 blocks and I love that you can see the right corner of the picture coming to life. I only have about 150 or so stitches left on this piece before I move onto my next “bike around Germany” project.


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