Stitching Sunday 6.5.22

It’s been a long while since I shared a stitching update. I didn’t take pictures of everything I’ve worked on the the last month or so but I do have some to share today. The first few weeks of May I was working on the projects I started last year during “WIP Maynia” so there was just too much to share in one post.

This was the only before picture that I could find but I already had the words “harvest” and “blessings” done when I picked this up recently. This is a WIPGO pick from May and my goal is the to finish the top half of the project.

My WIPGO goal for this is to finish the top half of the project. Which is only a little bit more of the mixing bowl and the top half of the girl bunny.

I haven’t picked this one up in awhile but it is one of my WIPGO projects. My goal for this is to also finish the top half of the project. This one goes pretty fast when I’m working on it so I hope to finish my goal this month.

I worked on this one day last month when I was working on my Stitch Maynia projects. I love the idea of this on blue fabric but I have a tough time stitching on it. It’s not too bad with daylight but I can’t work on it at all at night. It’s on a 28 ct Wichelt linen that I’ve used before but I guess all the other times I’ve used it on lighter colors. This is a June WIPGO project and my goal for this one is to finish it… which means I better start actually picking it up during the day.

This is another project where I couldn’t find the right before picture. I had most of the chapel done and the trees started before I picked it up. I just need to finish stitching the stand and backstitching the windows. The white stand is kind of hard to see since there’s no colors around it. I think I will continue with the white though because when there’s something darker behind it it does show up better in person.

I’m still woefully behind on my Temperature Butterflies by Stitching Mommy on Etsy. I currently on the beginning of March so I have a lot of work to do on this project.

I’ve put a lot of work into this and I still have so much more to do to complete my WIPGO goal. I want to get to 25% completion and I just reached 13% yesterday. Although I made a mistake on the bottom right design so I have so frogging to do next time I pick this up. I’m really loving how it is turning out and it is fun to start to see some of the Christmas elements show up in this sampler. Once I do little bit more in this section I will be moving over to tackle that big motif in the top middle.


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